Friday, 18 January 2013

White Friday

Wow woke up this morning to most of the country covered in a blanket of snow and also Leicestershire experienced a small earthquake - 2.9 on the magnitude scale! All happening here!

I got cross with the ITV presenter this morning who casually said that there had been a bludgeoned rescue attempt in Algiers - what do they know about it? Golly we're such an arrogant country at times - to use a local expression "it does my head in!"
OK Mr P has told me that I've got the word  "bludgeoned" wrong - but I cannot remember the exact word but I guess the general idea was that it had been botched up.

Yesterday I popped into a local charity shop and purchased another gorgeous enamel teapot to go with my enamel coffee pot and enamel jug. It was a bargain 80p.

 What a bargain and look how nice they all look sitting together.

Did I show you my little bit of spring I bought last week? Well here it is - note the crochet cover back out again. That started me on my adventure into crochet when Lucy from Attic 24 was crocheting covers for tins of tuna last year.

Decided I cannot cope with any more challenges. I saw a great idea the other day when I was reading a blog Dutch Sisters There they were talking about a challenge making applique hearts for everyday of the year from another blog written by Francoise. Then my friend Mrs A sent me another challenge written by Hen House. I was really tempted by the heart one. Perhaps I'll do that one next year - but I do have a weakness for hearts and gingham.

Talking about weaknesses - cookery books(shshshshsh). I'm busy working at the library when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see a new cookery book on the latest books shelf. I pick it up as it is crying out to me, I look inside convinced that there will be nothing I like but I only get to page 3 and the granola bar draws me in. A few pages later a recipe for French toast, then a few more pages on a recipe for butter nut squash and rosemary soup, oh help! No good I'll have to borrow it and oh so many wonderful recipes that it is added to my amazon wishlist before the book even makes it home! I've got a birthday next month so just maybe someone will buy it for me:) Oh dear is there no hope for me?

Going to make those bars tomorrow - they look so scrummy yummy and supposed to be healthy.

Well back to white Friday - coming home from work was interesting - my 5 minute journey took me 65 minutes. Thank goodness I did not have far to go, I felt so sorry for those who had much longer journeys home. Took a picture whilst I was stuck in traffic.

Then when I got home had to try and find the chicken house door to close - they seemed all snug in their small home.

Well take care all in the snow this weekend and have fun.

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