Monday, 25 February 2013

UFO and Chinese

This weekend has certainly been filled up with lots of activity.  I've already told you about Friday night and a very late bed time. Saturday was filled with a lovely baby baptism in a wonderfully heated church building, as outside it was trying to snow.
Back home and a quick visit from Mrs A with my birthday presie she's made for me - I knew it was coming and I was sooo looking forward to seeing what it might be, as she makes the most adorable things and everything she makes comes out fantastic - doesn't even look homemade! Thats how good she is. I was not disappointed - just look, isn't it fabulous? I'm so lucky!

This was then followed by preparing for a group of young people to come around for a Chinese takeaway. We'd previously ordered the meal for 15 people from Marchee Wok and the owner promised to do us a lovely meal. Well the youngsters turned up and after a phone call to check food was on its way we finally sat down all expectant - Chinese music playing in the background. Mr P goes to the door to collect the food and comes in with one big box. I think hmm not sure that's going to be much for us all, but what the heck I'm sure we will manage. Then he comes back in with a second box so I was much relieved, but then he returns with a third box! Oh my word I have never seen so much Chinese food in my life. Put it like this everyone ate well, everyone went home with doggy bags and I was still left enough food to be able to freeze five meals for us two!

After an exhausting week and weekend saw me playing hooky from church and relaxing with a trip to the Fabric Guild, phone call to Northern Ireland to arrange a trip to see my daughter, booking of a flight, cooking a scrumptious roast loin pork dinner with all the trimmings and time to finish a shamefully UFO that was started one or two years ago!

Before blocking.

Being blocked.

I just sooo love the colours and the gorgeous soft kid silk haze wool, by Rowan.

Typical now I have completed the scarf it is raining and there is a wind blowing!

Quick take another picture before the wind blows again or the builders behind me cut anymore bricks and send a gust of brick dust my way!

Looking forward to wearing my new shawl, just need a dress to go with it now!

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  1. I cannot believe you actually blocked something, well done it looks lovely.