Thursday, 25 September 2014

Italy - Final Holiday Blog

Ok we finished last blog at the end of a day in Florence. I could bore you with more pictures of gorgeous Tuscan buildings but I'll try not to. We did something we've never done before and that was reserve a table at a farm. This is no ordinary restaurant. What happens the couple open their home and feed you an enormous home cooked traditional cuisine. You do not know what you'll get - pot luck. Here is the farm.

The next three pictures are just the starter!

Then comes the antipasta

This is all served with bread and as much wine as you care to drink. Then comes the main meal! I must tell you this is the only time, in my life, I have turned down the offer of salad!

Needless to say I could not eat all this food. I kept telling Mr P to eat really slowly so that desert would come much later!

The bottle on the left was a gorgeous orange desert wine - which got drunk! The one on the right was grappa Oh my was it strong. I tried to take one sip and virtually spat it out across the table! Thank goodness the hosts did not see me!

To finish with of course ....

The next day we hardly ate anything! Thanks to my dad for this meal as he gave us some money for our wedding anniversary.

Here are the lovely couple whose farm it is and she does ALL the cooking, on her own.

As you can see the grapes are changing and time to head back home all too soon came.

Our trip back took roughly two and a half solid days of driving. We certainly had travelled a long way south. We had a fantastic holiday, saw some wonderful scenery, had lots of lovely time together to talk, laugh and just have time to be quiet in each others presence. Thank you my lovely hubby for a great hols. Thank you too for sharing in my hols too.

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