Sunday, 28 September 2014

Weekend With Grandchildren

I'm getting a bit behind with everyday blogs due to me going on a bit about my hols. Two weekends ago No 3 and all came for the weekend with gorgeous Rowan.

 Oh have you seen this stage of babies to learning to feed themselves? It's quite disgusting, until you stop and think well I probably was the same when I was learning to feed myself!
They chose last weekend to come as it was the twin babies 1st birthday party in Leeds. So Leicester is a half way point between their home and up north! So Saturday morning we all enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then all of us piled into their car. This seemed a good idea and Rowan was an angel and slept until we hit a traffic jam on the M1! Then, to put it mildly, he was not impressed, and didn't hold back his feelings! The men were in the back of the car and they did their best to entertain him. But reluctantly they had to result to some bribes with food! BANANA! Now my daughter had him all dressed for a party but by the time we arrived there he was not looking his best! Banana smeared over his party clothes. Needless to say Rowan was ready for action once he was let out of his seat!

Having seen the twins just a few weeks previously I was sooo surprised to see how much they have changed. They are both now sitting up and crawling around.

I think this one is Karis trying to do the splits!

They are just so cute.

Of course there has to be cake for a birthday party.

Note the salad bag tucked away in the corner!

It was great to see Rowan interacting with the girlies. Can't wait to see them when they all get a little older.

I think the twins were rather bemused with us all singing happy birthday. Note the bag of salad still looking full!

Rowan had had enough of wearing party clothes and starting to relax and make himself at home.

Presie time, but the inevitable happened the girls were more interested in the wrapping!

Sunday we were busy chatting when we became aware that Rowan had gone rather quiet! He'd found this bottle of whisky and he looked as if he was trying to drink it. At the time it was rather funny, but I realise now that I need to start moving things like this out of his reach. Golly it would not have been funny if he had tried to drink it!

These last few pictures have been taken this week whilst they have been away and golly I think he has changed again.

OK I think I have babied you all enough - good night and hope you all have a good week.

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