Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Church Weekend

The weekend was spent away in Derbyshire with some folk from the church. The journey there was a bit of a nightmare as it involved getting through Leicester by passing two road accidents and trying to get onto the M1 at rush hour time, on a Friday - not recommended! Then the sat nav decided to take us off the M1 through a very creative route which felt as if we had travelled the breadth and width of Staffordshire and Derbyshire. Hey ho we eventually arrived at Willersley Castle, just in time for dinner! The food was very tasty and substantial. The weekend was lovely especially for the older members who spend a lot of time at home on their own. Well I reckon they stayed up later than me. I toddled off to bed ti watch and fall asleep to Death in Paradise. It's one of those easy, light hearted murders. Just what you need, along with a glass of red wine, to fall asleep to!

The next morning I pulled back the curtains and was able to enjoy the view.

Now Mr P and I headed out for a long walk to Bakewell, but for some strange reason I got a third of the way into the walk and felt extremely tired. Against all my usual feelings I agreed to turn back and so we only ended up walking about 5 miles! Very out of character for me as I do not like to give in. So instead we drove to Bakewell and parked a little outside the village and walked in.

It was a lovely day but bitterly cold. So we headed to a special cafe - the home of Bakewell Puddings. There Mr P had a Bakewell pudding and I had a toasted teacake.

I did try some of his cake but I was not so keen as it was very sugary. But the teacake was homemade and delicious. Guess I am in the minority - judging by how many people were eating the puddings.

Then we needed to walk the calories off and so we had a mooch around the quaint town.

Then we drove back to the castle but we did have a stop at White Peak Embroidery in Darley Dale. Oh it was a divine shop and I could have spent an absolute fortune! Amazingly did not spend one penny - think I have become sensible and know that I do not need anything for the time being.

Sorry this is not my picture - but I am guessing the shop does not mind me using their picture! Especially as I am advertising their business. I really recommend this shop. Do have a look at their website and visit the shop. They have loads of beautiful embroidery silks, fabrics etc and then a wonderful array of exquisite wools. Plus there is a lovely cafe - where perhaps you could bribe your partners with!

Back at the castle for a hot steaming bath to warm up in and then more food! The evening a quiz was organised, and the team that had Miss J won! No surprise there - she is a quiz genius! The youngsters stayed up till about 2am playing monopoly whilst us oldies retired to bed.

Mr P and I had to leave early as he was taking the church service back in Leicester but I do believe the others had a good morning which ended in more food!

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