Sunday, 25 January 2015


Yesterday Mr P and I travelled to Leeds to visit our twins - grandchildren and see my son and wife (they are secondary!) It was so lovely to see the girls and they were so happy with all their toys around them.

Oops - no she hasn't got a striped face but me still rather an amateur with my new camera! This is Sophia sucking that bread stick as bless her still no teeth. But apparently it's a family trait to have teeth late. Strange how these things get passed down the generations. Little Rowan (other grandchild) has a skin tag thingy just like me, in the exact same place as me! Wonder if his sibling (to be born tomorrow) will have one too?

We went out for lunch and here the girls are having such fun and attracting lots of attention.

This is Karis and I'm sooo proud to be able at long last to be able to identify which girl is which. Now Karis wasn't quite as happy as her sister, but she has almost cut two teeth!

The girls are sooo flexible and manage to get their legs and feet everywhere. Their favourite trick is in the high chair - they manage to remove their legs from under the tray and almost have them so that their feet are in their mouths and have to be removed in order to feed them!

Mr P has got his tickling spider out! I have to let my son take the claim for this photograph - as he took it for me. I think it captures the moment beautifully.

Time for a walk and a sleep after our lunch - just love the knitted gnome hats that their mummy made. Even Mr P has one!

Today I am resting before I head down to Bristol - as tomorrow I become a grandma again! Whooppee! I am sooooooo lucky. Can't believe how emotional I feel. Decided that last night was time to finish making puffs and see how many I have got.

I am about half way through sewing them in lengths but have still got to attach the rows. I was hoping that I could have finished the sewing and made them into a bag! Ha ha! That is not going to be possible with the few hours I have left. Somehow thought I was going to show you all a picture of a new baby by the side of my puffy bag but hey ho that is not be. I think I can say with certainty that making these puffs will not be happening again other than making one or two for decoration for a project. They are mind boggling boring to make!

Well enjoy the rest of your weekend and next time I blog it will contain - WARNING - more baby photographs! Number four grandchild! How exciting!

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