Saturday, 3 January 2015

A Different View - Ford Moss Reserve

Last full day in Northumberland and so I decided to take my new camera and me for a well worn walk. Should say Mr P got me a wonderful new camera for Christmas. It's going to take me ages to get the hang of all the settings - well those that I understand! Now I like to think that no one else ever goes to the reserve as most times I never see anyone, except today. It started with a horse box blocking the road as its owners stopped to talk to some walkers. They kindly move over and then I notice more horse boxes appearing. As I park the car I am passed by riders on horses.

That's not my car - it's too clean! Our car is now a grey colour with the registration plate almost unreadable because of mud! Better clean the plate before I leave tomorrow - don't want to be stopped by the police. Anyway as I don my walking boots I can hear hounds barking and I am thinking this is no ordinary ride this looks like a hunt.

28.02.2014 this was the view....

Today 03.01.2015 ....

Mmmmm I'm not sure what I feel about this. I realise that we cannot keep on abusing nature of her sources but at the same time I do not like seeing the countryside being marred with these edifices. Can't these windmills be placed in ugly places? Guess there is no perfect spot and wherever they are placed will upset someone. I just hope these windmills are producing lots of energy, otherwise I will not be amused.

As I continue walking I become aware that the hunt must have started as I hear and see some riders.

Then I see a fox racing across the moor, and within minutes I start to see the hounds.

 At first I was fascinated seeing them race over the brow of the hill, but then horror as I realised they were heading towards me. Needless to say I do not have a close up picture as I was wondering what the heck to do. Realised there was no where for me to go and thank goodness I was wearing my bright blue coat! At least the huntsmen will see me. I could hear them yelling at each other so hopefully they would hear me scream. But just as I'm about to write my will quickly the hounds turn direction! Phew! What a relief! Then it made me think about the poor fox. Now I know fox hunting is not allowed but what is going to happen to that fox? I find it difficult to comprehend how the huntsmen are going to be able to stop the hounds from grabbing the fox? There were some men going around on quad bikes - so perhaps that is their job?

That was the last I saw of the hunters and hounds - I was not disappointed! As I walk along the track I begin to remember one of the negative points of this walk - the bogs! I tried to walk around them and ended up in more bog! The cold peaty water went over my boots onto my socks and down inside my boots! Mmmm bang goes my idea of after the walk going straight to Kelso! Eventually I reach my favourite ladder stile. This was the view in February 2014...

Today the view is like this......

Wonder what you all feel about these windmills? I'd love to hear what you think.

At this stage of the walk I am now in a valley with trees and no wind - so time to play with my camera!

When I think of Northumberland these trees are what I remember with their beautiful pine cones.

The next picture is me trying to use the black and white setting and picking out a colour - at the moment I sometimes get it right and here is one photo that worked!

I wonder when we retire here whether I will get used to seeing the clear skies as an everyday event and not notice anymore?

Time to head back home and get changed!

The afternoon finished with a trip to Kelso, but I had forgotten the time of year and a large chunk of the shops were closed. Back home and a trip to the bottle bank, oh and another quick photo of this bush glowing in the last of the days sun.

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