Thursday, 8 January 2015

Early Labour - Waiting Game!

Oh what a week. It started Tuesday morning, 07:00, with a phone call from my daughter in Bristol. "Mum I am in labour since 2am". So I hastily pack a bag, rush into work to sort out all my work for the day and following day. As there is no magic fairy that can come in and do it for me! Half way through the morning and I receive another phone call "I've been sick and feel better now. No contractions". Ugh. Oh dear, just knuckle down to an ordinary day again.

The rest of the day nothing much happened and so I trot to bed for a rather restless sleep. Then Wednesday at 07:00 another phone call. "Mum I am in labour been up since 2am". So I hastily get dressed, put my bag back in the car, race over to the surgery and sort out Thursday's work as I had already sorted out Wednesday. Then you'll never guess what the next call said?! Yes you've got it - the contractions have stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhh! This baby cannot make its mind up! And meanwhile its doing my  mind in as I do mental somersaults with my work!  So again I settle down to another days work and go home and unload the boot with my bag, pillows etc!

I just love this picture that she took last night. Sometimes it can be quite handy being pregnant! Having an inbuilt tray!

Finally I just have to include this picture of her son looking so cute, yesterday, on the dog's back!

Well I wonder whether this time next week I will be writing this blog still waiting or whether there will be pictures of the new baby?????????????  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Officially baby not  due to 22nd January but already weighs about 8lb 4oz! I'll keep you posted!

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