Monday, 19 January 2015

The Waiting Game

Last week I felt as if my mind was in two places - one at work and one just working out what I would do if my phone went to say my daughter was in labour, in Bristol. So every day I lived with this dilemma. As with my job I see clients most of the day and sadly there is no magic fairy that can come and see my clients instead of me. Well waiting still continues but hopefully for not too much longer. Tomorrow my daughter has an appointment with the consultant who will hopefully decide whether it is time to break the waters or do a c.section.

Meanwhile I do not feel as if I can settle into a project that requires my brain. Then I remembered some years ago I bought this.....

I had been thinking that it was time to get it out and try making a few of these Suffolk Puffs.

Started with a few and now I have this many.....

I have to be honest and say I am not sure that I really like "Suffolk Puffs", but I thought it was a great idea to have a go at making some as it is so mindless, also I can say that I have used this tool and used up some bits of fabric. What am I going to do with the puffs? Well I decided that I would continue making them until the baby is born and then decide - see how many I have got. They could be used to make a cushion, a bag or even a quilt! We will have to see how long I have to wait and do this boring craft project.

Meanwhile my daughter's husband had arranged a business meeting in Newcastle Upon Tyne - which is a very long way from Bristol! So he dropped his wife and son off at our home as he reckoned that if she went into labour then Leicester was nearer to get to than Bristol. This then led them into staying the weekend and lots of grandson time. SO here goes cute photographs. Sorry - you can always switch off!

Having fun at the park on a bitterly cold Saturday morning.

We had forgotten his gloves and he kept on insisting putting his one hand out in the cold and then getting upset!

Back home for dinner, eating being a favourite for Rowan!

He is very independent and insists on feeding himself. Here he is having the delight of some brownies with chocolate ganache (food that didn't get used at Christmas - I know his Leeds aunty and uncle will be dead jealous as they are huge chocolate fans!)

Rowan was mesmerized by the flash on my camera! Needless to say after this meal he had a bath!

He loves playing with balls - one of his favourite toys.

His second favourite is books. Friday grandad was very in vogue and was being chosen to have stories read to him, then Saturday my dad, great grandad was in vogue, but yesterday it was my turn and my turn and my turn and my turn until I had to admit defeat and hide in the kitchen!

Rowan enjoys the slide. When he finally reaches the top of the slide and has managed to sit down properly he expects a clap from all of us and bangs the sides of the slide to remind us to clap! He's so funny, then sometimes he likes to throw other toys down the slide like fire engines etc. Teddies are much quieter!

Well we had a lovely weekend together, ate lots of yummy food and today regardless of how cold it is - believe it's going to feel like -4 I am on my bike - my belly is getting tooooooo huge, I need the exercise. Hope you all have a great week and that hopefully I will have some baby news soon.

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