Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I'm Spinning!

No I have not taken up a new hobby - but this is a reflection of how I am feeling. It started Monday afternoon when I received a text message from No 2 child asking me to call him. He rarely does this so I phoned him immediately and then got asked to phone him again when Mr P was with me. He sounded alright. One hour later during which time my head was wondering but guessing what the news might be. So anyway Mr P and I stand in the hall with our bottoms on the radiator (as it was freezing cold), phone on loud speaker. No 2 says he has had the afternoon off work - well he doesn't have time to do that so it must be important and then he says guess what I have to say. Well fearful of getting wrong I say "was it for a picture?" and he says "YES".  His wife is 13 weeks pregnant but then he has more news - there is not one baby but two!!!!!!!!! Oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no family history on either side of twins - so this news is totally unexpected.

Apparently according to the sonographer this is a bunk bed shot. The twins are due in September. So we shall be going from nothing to three grandchildren from July to September - how exciting.  I cannot quite work out the picture but there is no third child hiding in there! Trouble is I have been a bit laid back re knitting for baby Nemo thinking I had plenty of time, was just getting my head around starting to knit a blanket when we receive this wonderful news - so I better get a move on! Three blankies to knit - I am so privileged. Oh next Christmas will be such fun with these little ones getting together.

Well with all this excitement decided it is time  to get some projects finished. So at long last I finished my granny square cushion for the hall.

I just love the ruffle - it took a lot of wool but I am pleased with the finished result.

Oh the chickens have been rather clever recently. They have got into the habit of jumping onto the top of their hut, when they see one of us at home. They then cluck loudly until one of us throws them a few grains of corn. They are so cheeky.

Finally last night I started making something small - saw it on another blog. You'll just have to guess what it is at the moment.

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