Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Dandelion and Snowdrop Come For The Weekend

Apologies for my lack of creative writing, but when I read my amazing daughter's blog and others mine sounds a but dull.  I am VERY trying and full of some horrid cold for the last week. I won't describe what is coming out of my nose but it is horrible and has left me somewhat exhausted and pathetic. I have continued going to work but have found by the evening time all I can do is collapse. So it was feeling like this that the second lot of grandchildren came for the weekend. It was soooo lovely to see them. Feel guilty about all the bugs I must have passed on and desperately trying to maintain enough energy to keep up with them all.

Above is Snowdrop and below Dandelion. I have stopped using their real names because, well, probably, not sure, because I ought to I think!

It is still hard to tell them apart. It is easier by their actions as one is more adventurous. It was a bitterly cold Saturday and we went to the local park, wishing we had put some warmer clothes on.

They loved the sand pit. It felt very strange to be sitting on cold sand. I guess I have grown up only sitting on sand when it is the summer time. So as I let the sand run through my fingers it feels very bizarre being sooo cold.

Here I am teaching them that sandcastles can only be made when the magic word "abracadabra" have been spoken and the bucket tapped!

Roundabouts are their favourite. This one is rather clever as they can rotate themselves.

Time to head home before we all froze - note no queue at the icecream van! Guess not a good day for business.

Time for dinner. The girls still have this nack of getting both their feet on the table. They are now only allowed to do this once they have finished eating as apparently they have been known to feed their feet!

They had just finished eating meringue with cream and raspberries which they adored. I thought they may find the berries too sharp but no I was wrong.

Story time such a lovely time isn't it. Knowing that the children have had a full on day, been very happy, burnt off lots of energy and then winding down for bed. Now they happily sit still for cuddles and stories.

Sunday and their mummy and daddy go back to bed to catch up on some sleep. Meanwhile we have a go at feeding the chickens with some of the leftovers (which they adore).

I think all the grandchildren like the chickens and love to watch them out of the window. Funny things chickens. They're not particularly pretty when you look at them close up but from a distance they look lovely. I quite often call them "fluffy bums"!

Sunday was a lot warmer - guess helped by the sun coming out. So we go off to a local inner city farm - Gorse Hill Farm. I particularly like seeing the animals - I'm a big kid really. This is one part of being a grandma I especially like - the excuse to go to a local farm. It's difficult to go on your own without looking rather silly. They have had 21 lambs born so far.

Soooo cute! After a very very long play in the park we headed back home for a little music!

Last story before they headed back north for home. Golly I almost forgot to say the main thing that is new re the twins is their talking (like their cousin). It is great to hear them saying things, not always easy to understand what they are saying - such fun.

Well that was another special weekend with grandchildren. I am so blessed. Next blog will be from Northumberland as I am heading back home after work on Thursday. So looking forward to having a week there. Having time to walk, relax in front of the open fire and time to read, do some of my crafts.

Meanwhile reality check dustbin to put out, chicken house to clean and get ready for work. Bye.

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