Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Day Six - Embleton, Dunstanburgh, Craster

Yet another glorious day. I had planned on mooching around Alnwick but the sun was so glorious shopping seemed such a waste of a day. So instead I headed out to Embleton to walk along the coast.

Have to say it was a day without any drama. Just a pleasant coastal walk.

As I look to the north I can see Low Newton and to the south Dunstanburgh Castle.

I do love the British - a bit of sun and out comes the shorts and windshields. We really are brave souls.

As I walked up and down the dunes I came across these children who have found a new use for their sledges.

It was a rather steep, tall sand dune and they must have been exhausted as they kept on climbing up the sand. Great to see children doing something else other than playing on square boxes.

So glad there is still some ruins left of this castle as it is such a lovely landmark.

Anyway not time to linger as lunch is calling.

It's here that they also smoke the kippers, yum yum. Anyway I have had enough of cheese sandwiches and decided to treat myself to some lunch.

When I went to pay I asked the waiter where he was from and he said he was local. So I suggested that he did not have much of an accent and he had apparently been told that he needed to calm his accent as diners could not understand him - poor chappy. I then found out that the chefs are from Brazil! Anyway the food and atmosphere was really nice and can recommend it. Oh this is such a good idea eating in the middle of a walk, get the chance to burn it off.

It's the sort of place that you can't help but just take lots of pictures.

Well the end of a lovely walk.

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