Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Spud and Dumpling Weekend

Being a grandma is just getting better and better. Now that the grandchildren have switched from babies to toddlers, so the fun is really starting. This weekend gone Spud and Dumpling came up from Bristol with their mummy and daddy, oh and the dog. It's amazing within a few weeks how much they have changed. Spud is now becoming vocal and a few sentences are being spoken. Dumpling too is trying to make noises. She could walk but at the moment that is a low priority in her life. She'd rather be chasing her big brother around the room and unintentionally destroy his train lines etc! Oh the trials of having a little sister!!!

Saturday, was a lovely sunny day, and we headed out to a local farm. One thing they have in common is there love of grannys' cakes!

Here is Dumpling showing us that she can stand when she feels like it. Note she's wearing the jumper I knitted her, with the killer bunny on the front!

Spud loved this car, but there were a few problems when two brothers wanted a ride too. One little boy kept saying "my wheel, my wheel".

Whatever Spud does so Dumpling must do too!

Spud had such a lovely time that he did not want to leave and had to be dragged out!

Dumpling loves to have her photo taken. As soon as she sees I have the camera out, she stops whatever she is doing and poses! Such a character.

Strange how you gradually get rid of your childrens' toys only to find years later you have to start buying them again. What was a cupboard full of our things is now becoming full with grandchildren stuff.

The shopping trolley has become very popular with all four grandchildren. Spud especially likes the egg box with a pretend egg inside. In fact he was so taken by the box that he carried it around the farm for most of the day!

Some friends came to visit and as you can see Spud and Dumpling have got him exactly where they want him! Reading lots of books. more than one at a time!

I made some chocolate mousse for pudding. As you can see she loved it. But trouble came when there was no more :(

We had a great weekend with the grandchildren and next weekend I am looking forward to spending it with the twins from Leeds.

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