Friday, 25 March 2016

Day One, Easter Holidays - Northumberland

In England today is a bank holiday and I think the whole country was covered in sunshine. Knowing the weather is going to turn to rain in the next few days I decided I needed to make the most of the day and headed out to one of my favourite haunts - St Abbs, Scotland. Golly last time I went with Mr P just after Christmas the place was flooded and really strong winds, so bad that we had to abandon walking along the cliff edge, fearful of being blown off! Well today was thankfully very different. The first thing I become very aware of is the sheep as they are having their lambs. I adore sheep and even more lambs. So the photograph is just one of many that I could have taken.

Sorry if I bore you with similar views but I can never get over how beautiful this stretch of coast is.

Trouble with walking along the coast is the path goes up and down - evil. I like to gradually walk up hill, then walk around a ridge and come back down. Far less energetic. Well I felt as if I had walked up a mountain and I did go and add another stone to this pile.

There was a loch to my left and there were several rowing boats out with people fishing. I could also hear some bagpipes playing in the distant hills. Been trying out my long distance camera lens, that I had for Christmas from Mr P. I love the way that the reeds to the right of the loch look hazy.

Cannot believe how much of this boat I can see as it was a very long distance out to sea.

This was my lunch stop - what a view. Pack lunch and flask is always excellent when you have walked a distance to deserve it.

Just showing off my camera.

Another view of St Abbs, love walking into it and seeing what looks like a Cornish fishing village.

Time for the last tea in my flask and I cannot help but notice a boat getting ready to take another group of divers out. I believe this area is very good for divers. But I love the details I can achieve - being nosey.

Golly I could not take up diving. I watched them as they put on at least two wetsuits. I would want the loo too often! Off they go.

Messing around not just with distance but with the colour settings.

Loved the way that this man was wearing dull coloured clothing but his wellies were sooo vibrant.

Boats - another love of mine.

Then just as I am making my way back to the car I see this sign....

Have to persuade hubby that we need to visit St Abbs in a weeks time!!!

My Fitbit is very happy today -   21,549 steps, 12.48km, 155 floors.

Well time to do some crafting before tiredness catches me up.

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