Sunday, 27 March 2016

Day Three - Easter On Holy Island

Great thing about coming at this time of year is to be able to share in the Easter celebrations. Last night there was a vigil in the church. Now having been a  few times before I know how to prepare. So this time I went armed with reading glasses, warm clothes and a torch. The service is held in the dark in order to create the atmosphere of how it might have felt for Jesus after he had been crucified. After thirty minutes we then processed to St Cutherbert's beach to reflect and then gather light from the fire. Except last night it was rather blustery and it took a long time for the torches to be lit. I thought they were going to have to give up but some kind people stood in front of the torches with newspaper acting as a windshield. To be honest I was more worried about the flying embers and the bishop and vicars catching fire with their long flocks blowing in all directions. So apologies for this diabolical picture but it was all I could take on my phone.

After this procession we headed back to the church for an even longer service. The idea being that the candle being lit from the beach is then used to light all the easter candles inside the church. Knowing that I needed to be up early the next morning I called it a day at 10.30pm, I think they probably went on till midnight. Now it was a bit evil of whoever to choose this weekend to alter the clocks - well it's probably evil whenever they do it! Now this is a bit of an unusual experience having to arrive at church 40 minutes early in order to get a seat! Experience paid off as some people had to stand in the porchway or whatever they call that area. I'm guessing some gave up and left. Having arrived to a relatively quiet island we left the church jubilant but overwhelmed by the quantity of visitors. I have to admit to struggling seeing soooo many people. Guess I am used to the island with just a few  tourists dashing in and out of the shops and cafes, trying to keep warm. I doubt, today, if you could get into these places. The carpark ran out of spaces and as I eventually left I noted people were being very creative with their parking.

The sun was shining but it was bitterly cold, the northeasterly wind was showing off her wares! So I snuggled against the side of a boat to keep warm whilst I ate my lunch and took a few pictures.

Boats, boats, boats!

 Enjoying playing with my long lens - can see Berwick Lighthouse in the distance.

OK better change the pictures before your yawning deafens me!

Definitely snow still left on the Cheviots.

Mmmmm me thinks that when we retire here we may need to think more about the colour of our next car - black seems to be a no no. Also think we will need to consider what type of cars do not object to potholes. Golly I thought Leicester had its fair share but they ain't got anything as good as here!

Loving the flowers at the front of our garden.

Views at the end of the village and MORE sheep!

Isn't spring a wonderful time of the year?

Aren't the lambs adorable. Had to laugh as two No 5 lambs were running and leaping around with their mother crying out to them. Just like our children they ignored their mothers' bleats and in the end she had to chase them to get their attention! Nothing changes.

I was amazed how close these two lambs let me come.

OK enough of sheep now. But just one more animal this time in the form of our next door neighbour's cat peering at me through their front window.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter.

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