Monday, 28 March 2016

Day Four - Embarrassing Moments, Humbleton Burn

I seem to be setting a pattern of coastal walks followed by inland moors. So today I headed out to Wooler, lovely old town nestled at the bottom of the Cheviots. Armed with map and OS Northumbria Walk Book, pack up and warm clothes off I start. Part of me is rejoicing because I gather some parts of the country are having horrid weather and me here it's not raining hurray. Also rejoicing because when I was here after Christmas it rained EVERY day and I got very frustrated that I could not enjoy these wonderful hills. Also rejoicing because I'm walking in England and back to wonderful footpath signs.

Don't you just love it when the start is from the carpark, with a "you are here" sign. Fills me with lots of confidence.

Quite a bit of the walk follows St Cuthbert's Way - a long distance walk. Now many years ago I did this walk all by myself. I can clearly remember walking this part of the journey as it poured with rain and I saw very little of the scenery. What I do remember was there being no where to shelter and no where to do a wee.

Just me and the sheep again - no Bank Holiday Monday crowds here.

Eventually I walk through all this glorious green hillsides out onto the moors.

I know I said I was rejoicing about the weather but it was bitterly cold and my poor old bladder could not hold out for too long. So I saw a wall coming and checked there was no one about, which is very easy when you are on the moors as you can see for miles. So off I go and do a pee but then to my horror a person!!! By jove I pulled my trousers up faster than I probably have ever done in my life. Where did he come from, well he was cheating he was on a bicycle! That's how he crept up on me. What can you do but smile sweetly and offer to shut the gate for him.

Off he goes.

Wonderful reassuring signs.

I loved this walk and being able to get closer and closer to the snow. Disappointingly the walk  never went up as far as those hills - which I am guessing is the Cheviot. Anyway what with all the cold it's time for another pee. OK this time I look out for any cyclists but I have not seen anyone since the last guy. You can guess what happened - a bloody group of ramblers! Fortunately they were further off, but honestly can't a girl have a pee without being watched?

 So again I stood aside and smiled sweetly!

 I just love the views.

I took about 130 pictures on this walk and it is so hard to just select a few.

There's something amazing about these sheep as they live out in this territory with virtually no shelter - tough ladies.

I can remember a time when Mr P and I were younger and I hated being out on moors I thought them rather boring, but now I adore these moody hills and moorland.

Well all good things have to come to an end and sadly the route back was a pain, literally on your feet. The author of the route decided to send me along a 3 mile road/dirt track. I loved the walk so much and I shall be looking to tweak this route back.

Back to the cuteness of the valley and time for a cuppa. I managed to fit in a lunch when I eventually found a hollow to nestle into, out of the cold cold wind. Well I loved the walk and will happily repeat a large chunk of it again. Fitbit watch now speaking to me again. Managed to clock up 21,147 steps, 13.20km and 103 floors.

But I must finish on another embarrassing moment that happened yesterday. It occurred whilst I was listening to the Bishop give his Easter sermon. You may remember me saying how full the church was and gradually what with all the singing etc(me still recovering from a nasty cold/virus) the air became very dry and I could feel myself wanting to have a good cough. But all was silent other than the Bishop, why had I wanted to sit in such a good seat when I could have sat at the back where I would not have been noticed. Well I desperately tried not to cough. I got to the point where the tears were beginning to stream as I tried to hold back this cough, But I lost and the cough won. Well I could see the Bishop looking and so was his mate holding his Bible. She looked on sympathetically as I seeked to refrain from coughing anymore. But no this cough is stubborn and insists on being heard. I can then hear the rustle of people fumbling in their bags and I gladly accept the first sweet offered me. Well it must have been the smallest sweet in the whole wide world. It was slightly larger than a sweetener. I couldn't tell you what they were called because I had tears in my eyes. So I took two to make up for their smallness. Popped one into my mouth only for my evil cough to decide to have another go and the sweet goes flying. The lady sitting next to me pipes up that it landed on the floor by her. Oh I just wanted the earth to open up. Some how I managed to keep the next sweet in my mouth and peace and calm was restored. I never did find the sweet - maybe a mouse got to it first!
Time for dinner, bye.

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