Saturday, 26 March 2016

Day Two Easter Holidays - Lammermuirs

I had not realised that Aldi stock slightly different ranges of food in Berwick from Leicester. Last time I was up in Northumberland I bought some salmon pate and thought I must get some more of this when I am back in Leicester. Sadly I hunted several Aldi stores and could not find any. But now back up north and here they are again.

Having done some weather research I decided that heading north was a better option than going west. I did read yesterday, on facebook, that someone had got some sunburn. Well today there was no chance of that, more likely to get frostbite!  After the coast I decided I would like to see some hills and headed to Whiteadder Reservoir, which is in Scotland.

As you can see a rather grey day with the rain threatening.

More sheep and skylarks. I have decided that Scotland is a mixed blessing. There is the freedom to roam legally, but that means there are no footpaths marked. So I gave up trying to find the start of the walk and did my own thing. Having the reservoir and only one road running through this area is a very helpful marker!

Golly I must have crafts on the brain, because as I looked at these hills I kept seeing them as areas of crazy patchwork!

Even though it was cold, windy and spitting with rain it felt good to be tramping across this ground. Sometimes I just crave the quiet, barrenness of these hills. Guess my job is filled with listening to people everyday. Not that I don't like my job but every now and then I crave this peace.

Don't see many of these in Leicester!!!

I did not take my long lens out today because of the rain. Would have been a good venue to have made the most of it. There was some snow in the distance.

I'm guessing this is some sort of animal trap. Think this area is used to keep and shoot pheasants. Any ideas as to the intended victim?

The next picture made me think of our friends, who are away in Portugal. Noticed this van camping alongside of the `river. Not sure if you are allowed to be there or not, but what a fab place to pull up and camp for a night or two.

Today was a much shorter walk than yesterday, as the weather too dodgy. On my way back I spotted this cute church, kirk.

Looks as if it is still being used.

Another love as well as sheep and boats is bridges!

I bet if Mr P and I had driven this route at Christmas then this ford probably would have been undrivable.

Like catkins too!

Well must start cooking my dinner as I am going out tonight to Holy Island, for their Easter Vigil. Tomorrow I can eat some of my yummy easter eggs!! Nom nom :)

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