Saturday, 1 June 2013

“Walking on Sunshine”

Tuesday - rain.
Wednesday - rain.
Thursday - rain.
Friday - sunshine - whoopee!

So after work and Mr P at home I suggested we went for a walk in the sunshine. This weekend in Leicester it is the river festival, so I thought it might be fun to go and see what boats were moored up in town.

Mr P and I have never walked by the river in town before, so it was all a novelty. There were lots of cyclists making their way home from work, drop outs and students who live by the water in the flats.

Of course their is plenty of bird life - of the feathered kind!

This boat takes people with disabilities or illnesses on trips.

I found it fascinating seeing the city from a different angle. There were just loads of swans. Perhaps Leicester council has borrowed them for the boat festival!

Sadly there is a lot of rubbish about but the birds don't seem to object. These ducks Mr P spotted nesting in the far wall. Had to get my camera on full zoom to get this next picture, but I think you can see the ducklings.

I had forgotten what bizarre looking feet the coot has!

Amidst all the buildings and rubbish the river still seems to hold a beauty.

Thought this mummy duck looked adorable with her babies.

Back home to cook dinner and watch Judge Judy. Decided to cook from a book a recipe that used pork fillet in a sauce made from creme fraiche and caembert cheese.

Then back out we went again but this time to Foxton Locks! "Walking on sunshine"

It was getting a little dark and perhaps not soo much sunshine but still lovely to admire the boats.

But it is around this point that I realise I am going to be ill. Every now and then I have a problem that some food disagrees with me. The first signs are feeling as if I have overeaten and this is then followed by waves of tightness going across my belly. So we made a dash for the pub. Guess if you are going to feel unwell might as well be at a nice pub sitting next to the canal. Won't go into anymore details other than after 30 minutes later I have recovered - just left feeling very tired.

We then make our way back along the canal and suddenly notice this field - we missed it coming because I guess the angle we were walking at. I think it is covered in campion.

Sorry it was dark at this point, bit of a breeze and just recovering - so couldn't work out how best to take a picture. But it looked so beautiful.

Then just as we are almost back at the car, admiring the very last boat when we see these three ducks having their sleep on top!

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