Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bargain Hunt

Well I promised you pictures but I was not quite expecting them to be like this. Dad and I headed off to Deene Park to an antiques fair. It was soo cold the car registered 10 degrees - hard to believe it was 15th June and not in October.

Dad and I arrived early thinking there might be a traffic jam trying to get in! Mmmmm I don't think we needed to have worried. So we braved the cold and did the outside bit first as we were not sure it was going to rain. Suddenly I spot a rather distinctive figure in the distance.

Do you recognise him?  The one in the hat?

Correct it was Tim Wannacott . We heard him say he was busy looking for things to buy for him to sell for children in need.

The venue was on a top of a hill and the wind was swirling all around the tents. The poor owners were desperately trying to tie things down and also debating whether to bring their products inside. Apparently it had cost them £100 to be there for the three day event. There were not many shoppers - I felt sorry for them.

The BBC were there filming the Christmas special - Bargain Hunt and in the afternoon they were filming a regular episode of Bargain Hunt. The lady on the left said they had been worried about the bright sun, before the day, but they were no longer worried!  The two experts being filmed here are Jonathon Platt on the left and Thomas Plant on the right. But along with the experts there were other characters present.

Dad and I saw this man taking his ferret for a walk. This reminded me of many years ago when No 3 kept a ferret and she used to take her ferret a walk along the high street in Towcester! I was scared stiff of it and getting close to this ferret came the awful whiff of a ferret - urgh! I'd forgotten that awful smell. They have the most fearsome teeth and I think one of our children still has the scar mark left from a bite from a ferret.

The event was held within the grounds of Deene Park and I was hoping we could have walked around the grounds but it was closed on a Saturday. Got a feeling there is a connection between Deene Park and Jane Austen, but I'm not sure what it is. Wondering if one of the novels like Mansfield Park was written about here?

Do you know the two ladies on the right. The lady in the middle is Catherine Southon and the lady on the right is Kate Bliss. My dad really enjoyed watching the filming I think it made his day really special.

Watching the filming one became aware how contrived it all is, but I guess that is the nature of show business.

The camera crew took many pictures of Catherine exiting this gentleman's changing room.

I would have thought it a rather tight squeeze trying to get changed in this room!

Here Tim was talking about this picture but he kind of took over this corner and must have easily spent around 20 minutes filming this extract. Think some of the stall holders got a bit cross as they took up quite a bit of space and blocked their stalls.

Have always enjoyed watching this programme and thought it looked so much fun to be a contestant but having watched some of the filming there is absolutely no way I would ever want to be filmed etc.

Well what I have forgotten to tell you all that whilst busy looking at some treasures I was grabbed by a person - it was Mrs A unexpectedly there with her hubby! Well they took the next photograph. It was soooo cold that I decided it would be better if dad and I ate the picnic I had packed in the car. So we sat comfortably in the back with our pasta salad and cuppas. Then Mrs A came along to say they were leaving. So I tried to get out and discovered that dad and I were stuck in the back! The car must have rear child locks! Suddenly realised that I had never sat in the back before! So I had to undo the window to get out!

I can't be trusted to be let out!

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