Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Farewell Christmas 2015

Well where has Christmas gone? It didn't seem that long ago I was busy cleaning, cooking, preparing etc for the great event and now it has all gone. Well we had a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family and then having some quiet time in Northumberland.

I am really sorry but I am going to bore you with some pictures of my grandchildren. Our house was very full with 14 bodies and a dog staying for several days. Our house is usually rather too large for us, as it is a church house designed for a family, but with 14 of us it suddenly seems rather small. In fact we couldn't all fit in and  4 of us slept in a local church hall! OK here goes - please press the "x" button if you don't want to see children!

 Oh dear not sure which twin this is but she had been busy pushing a train down the slide!

 Rowan having fun with the train set.

My first ever attempt at a pavlova. This turned out a bit of a nightmare to make as my oven is on the blink! It would decide to do this at Christmas time when I had soooo many mouths to feed.

I came up with the idea of Mr P removing the dining table and using tressle tables to eat off instead. This then meant we had a largish area free for in the daytime for the grandchildren to play in and then in the evening this area became the dance floor! Dancing here with the girlies angel wings! Like you do!

Now those of you who have had children or had to look after children will know that when things go quiet then you need to worry! Well we were busy in the kitchen when I had this awareness of things being too quiet. So I popped my head around the door to see the twins had pulled these bells off the Christmas tree and having fun dragging them around the floor. They had such a mischievous look, but couldn't tell them off!

Colouring time.

Time to go out and get some fresh air after cabin fever.

Ayla doing her best to remove her hat!

Poppy cannot resist a dip in the puddles!

I love the way that Ayla and Rowan are watching each other on the swings.

The girlies still love their gnome hats and also this is a record of how much they have grown.

Karis is far more adventurous than Sophie, who is busy watching.

 Sorry getting park outings mixed up, but just like this photo of Rowan.

This is my daughter in law's picture - isn't it lovely? The children trying to get into the play park!

Another photo of my daughter in laws.

Back to my pictures!

Karis loves to walk around with her hat half covering her eyes!

They all enjoy watching the chickens.

Ayla is beginning to find her legs and is beginning the process of pulling herself up and enjoying standing up until she thinks "how do I get down?" Either she just drops onto her bottom or cries!

Granny enjoying cuddles with Ayla.

The tower before Ayla and the twins destroyed it!

Christmas morning!

Rowan loves to help in the kitchen and here he is joining in with the making of the sherry trifle!

As you can see we had lots of lovely times together. So lovely to see the grandchildren interacting with each other now. The oven managed to keep going, even if it was rather slowly. We had a fab exhausting time.

All that is left is for me to wish you all a Happy New Year.

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