Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Murders and Mourning

Start with the mourning - it has only been two weeks since I took my camera lens into John Lewis to be repaired. They said it would take up to four weeks. It feels as if it has been forever. I am sooooooo  missing not being able to use my camera. I guess I had not realised how much I used it. How our lives change over the years. Golly when I had children I hardly ever took pictures because you had to buy a film and decide whether to get one with 12 or 20 pictures. Then after you'd used the film up it was then in to a shop to be developed - more money. So having a very tight budget photographs were only taken on very special occasions. How I envy todays generation. Not only can they take never ending pictures of their children growing up but even videos. So I'm very much looking forward to the return of my camera and especially hoping it is returned in the ten days as it is our youngest grandchild's dedication and hubby's birthday on 7th February. Perhaps I should try calling them to ask for this.

MURDERS - no don't worry no one I know has been murdered. It's just that on the TV there are masses of them. Well that is dramas about murder. There has been Endeavour, Death in Paradise, Hinterland, Shetland, Midsomer Murders, Silent Witness. Then next weekend a new series of Vera starts. Then I am even listening to a murder on my computer, by Anne Granger and I am also reading a murder by Ann Cleves. So as you can see murders everywhere! Starting to get them a little muddled in my brain and mixing them up!

Challenges - doing my best to do as much swimming and walking as possible. Also forgot to say one other challenge I am doing this year is reading the whole Bible. Doing this with the help of Victory Church, who do all the donkey work of sorting out what you need to read each day.

So there you go a whole blog and NO pictures :(

Have a good week.

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