Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How To Traumatise Your Grandchild


* Two sets of knitting needles that do not match
* One poorly written knitting pattern (or perhaps it's because I have not used an older pattern for a long time)

* Incorrect wool
* One whacky grandma
* Not enough time
* Carpel tunnel
* Very little preparation
* A mindset that says "I've made this item before, albeit 25 years ago, so must be able to do it again"
* Dogged determination to carry on against the odds


One very scary jumper!

Next step get them to put on the Were-Rabbit jumper.

They are terrified, pleading with their parents please don't make me wear that jumper. "I shall be mentally scarred for life".

Then tell your grandchild that they are also auditioning for the American football team.
I think that should do the trick - one traumatised grandchild, pleading for grandma to be banned from the home if she has a bag of knitting in tow.

Ok so perhaps a little rethink and a slight adjustment of the face is called for if the grandma is to ever be allowed to see her grandchild again.

Still the wrong proportion but certainly a more friendlier looking rabbit.

Well I'm hoping that even if it doesn't really fit my grand daughter that she will have fun in years to come showing her friends a hand knitted jumper that grandma tried to make - a talking point.

As you can see my camera has been returned and I am "one very happy bunny"! Looking forward to the weekend as it is Mr P's birthday and my grand daughters dedication service. Thanks for popping by, take care don't want you to be attacked by these scarey rabbits.

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