Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dumpling's Dedication

Wow what a wonderful weekend. A large chunk of the family gathered at Bristol for the weekend. The main purpose being to attend Ayla's(now commonly known as Dumpling!) dediction and Mr P's birthday. Thankfully the celebrations far out weighed the horrendous weather. Except my daughter flying in from Belfast had a horrible flight - with over half the passengers being sick, the pilot trying to land twice at Bristol and had to give up. So the plane flew to Cardiff where again over half the passengers decided to get off whilst the rest stayed on board for the pilot to make another attempt to land at Bristol. Thankfully successfully, first time. Time was spent relaxing, chatting and drinking tea whilst the children played and then with the torrential rain - soft play seemed to be the best thing to go to.

The twins were soooo excited to see so many new toys to play with that they did not bother removing any clothing such as shoes etc! How Karis can see through her hat is beyond me.

Dumpling showing off her new skill of standing and also enjoying playing with any toys that the other children are trying to play with!

Initially Spud was not too sure about having his space invaded by all these girlies, taking over his toys. I have to say he was very good and very soon got used to sharing his belongings.

So lovely to see all the grandchildren together and beginning to interact.

The children got a bit fed up of being indoors, waiting for their mad aunty to arrive from N.I. so the decision was made to go outside and play in the rain.

Poppy has to be an amazing dog. She is quite happy to let the children climb all over her etc etc without complaining. Eventually when she has had enough she will just walk off to her bed.

Then to soft play. It is very hard to get a picture of Spud (Rowan) as he is too busy! I couldn't believe how independent he has become.

Golly there are hardly any pictures of Spud. I guess he was just such a busy little boy on the move ALL the time!

Cars are his favourite toys at the moment, followed by his doll in the buggy (you can see it just behind him).

Birthday cake / dedication cake - that was made in the middle of us all being there!

The hat is finally removed! And gradually as Sunday afternoon disappeared so did the children wear down. All the weekends activity of attention, excitement and two soft play outings finally wore them out. Even Spud slowed down to read Dumpling's bible she had presented to her at the dedication!

But I must finish with a picture of Dumpling, after all it was her event.

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