Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Where Have I Been? - Hello 2016

After the madness and wonderfulness (new invented word!) of Christmas Mr P and I headed north to our cottage in Northumberland. We had some lovely days of chilling, walking, relaxing and exploring.

Of course the usual pictures from Lindisfarne/Holy Island.

The sheep must get used to all the tourists and quite happily let you walk around them without moving.

I love sheep. The weather was rather grotty whilst away - lots of rain.

Lots of water everywhere - high tides.

This was some of the debris washed ashore at Berwick Beach. The wood had drifted from the River Tweed. Many people were busy collecting the debris - I'm guessing for their coal fires. Some even had come with chainsaws!

The tide bought the beach onto the promenade!


Now well back in Leicester and all this seems a long time ago. January is one of my busiest months at work, as lots of people decide to make a new start in their year by stopping smoking. Consequently I have long and full busy days helping these people.  Can't resist not showing you a few recent gorgeous photographs of my grandchildren. Sadly not taken by me. My camera or rather my lens is somewhere between John Lewis and Nikon repair shop. The lens stopped working and will take up to 4 weeks to be repaired. I feel at a loss without my camera. I do have a long distance lens, but that's not so useful for everyday pictures.

Asleep in his chair just like his grandad!

Here Ayla learning to stand, golly she's going to be one year old in a few weeks time. So I am busy knitting her a bunny jumper.

Here are the twins enjoying their very first time of seeing snow. Even in Leicester we saw some snow for one day. It was so lovely to see it. I was like a child, as the snow started late Saturday night I stayed up to watch it and had to force myself to bed at 00:30! The next  morning the first thing I did was to look out the window. Oh and to see snow was so magical, made it feel as if Christmas had returned!

Ok finally I have to confess to a delay in writing this post as I have been busy thinking about a challenge for 2016. I felt very inspired after reading Bunny Mummy's 1000 mile walking challenge. Kept thinking I'd like to do that but trouble is I have to go to work full time, do all my other jobs and other commitments. Then Mr P suggested I combined walking and swimming together. So I am busy thinking about what is a realistic challenge. What numbers to work with. For Christmas I bought Mr P a Fitbit Watch. I thought it would just be him excited by this present but by the time Christmas had passed he ended up saying "you have just got to have one of these watches!" It really inspired us to walk more and run up steps etc. So my birthday is in February and he is planning on buying me one then. I think it is after this that I shall come up with my final figures for this challenge. Meanwhile I shall continue at the gym to rack up the miles walked and swimming as many lengths as I can. I did read an article that said "you do not own your Fitbit - but your Fitbit owns you".  Click here if you want to read the article. Oh dear what am I getting myself into? Well must go. Happy New Year to you all.

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