Tuesday, 24 November 2015

November Blues

I have to say that I have found the last few weeks difficult. The short, dark, wet dreary days have not helped. I suspect I am not alone in my struggles if you live in the UK. But then I feel very guilty when I hear of the atrocities going on in the world - what have I to complain about? Then I have friends who are undergoing treatment to save their lives - here I am with not even a cold! What have I to complain about. So decided that it was time to pull myself out of my dark mood and start making plans. This started off with me making a decision that it was time Mr P and myself went out and experienced the joys of living in a city and eat out at a Turkish restaurant. Now these are not my pictures but I find it hard to think they would complain of me using them to advertise their restaurant.We went to Istanbul! Amazing where you can get to in one evening!

I was not sure what it would be like but having read many reviews on Trip Advisor - decided to be brave and go for it. Well we were not disappointed. We were looked after well, service was very efficient. The place was very busy with many families spanning what seemed like the world ate here. Whilst we waited for our meal a plate of delicious warm Turkish bread was put on our table accompanied with olives, a chilli dip and a yoghurt dip. Yum yum.

Saturday dad came for the day. We had been waiting for the Lady In The Van to come out in film. We had seen it advertised earlier in the year and had promised ourselves to go and see it once it was out.

It's a great film. Alan Bennett, the author, is one of my favourite writers. To my shame I often fall asleep at night time with this being played on my IPod. Lovely story. Now I have to say I was guilty of misjudging some people. As the adverts were being shown a young family came and sat in front of us. I thought oh know I bet the children are going to get fed up in this film and make a lot of noise. Well I was totally wrong and any noises came from older adults as they fiddled with their sweets and made comments about the film! Afterwards I went to the parents and praised them for their wonderful well behaved children.

This coming Saturday I am really excited about as the choir I sing in have our Christmas Concert. We shall be singing Bach's B Minor Mass. It will be such a great opportunity to sing this piece of music with a great choir, orchestra and professional soloists.

Well that's enough rambling on for this week. Keep warm and speak to you all next week.

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