Monday, 16 November 2015

So Sorry

What am I sorry about - well sorry for going several weeks without blogging, sorry about all the horrific troubles in  Syria, Iraq, France, Afghanistan, Yemen, Beirut, many African countries and many other Asian countries - sorry for not praying enough for them.

What have I been doing - well it has been full with friends, family and work. Trouble with this is that there are not many pictures to show you as you well know I do not like to parade them all across my blog. What can I show you ........

Trip to Tattershall Castle. Have to be honest and say as I kept looking at it I was reminded of Leicester prison rather than a castle. But it was rather interesting.

Views from the top.

There was also a Christmas fayre. Talking of Christmas have now received our first Christmas card! I have made two Christmas cakes, two Christmas puddings and beginning to make some gifts for the grandchildren. Oh dear I cannot cope with all this Christmas malacky! It seems to get earlier every year and I never seem to be organised enough to be able to chill about it. Sends me into a panic! I think my hubby has even bought me my present! I haven't a clue what to buy him. He has suggested some things for the motor bike, but he would need to order them as I would be bound to get the wrong parts! Oh dear really do need to get my head around it all and be more prepared.

Oh well back to reality - managed last week to make another dress - apologies for the poor quality picture, but not good doing them when it gets dark.

O know from the picture it makes it look as if the pockets stick out, but once the dress is on the pockets lie nice and flat against me. It's such a comfy dress to wear.

Golly I'm jumping around here but after the trip to the castle we went out in the evening to Market Harborough to the  local theatre. There we saw September in the Rain by  John Godber. It is a lovely  comedy which follows the lives of Yorkshire couple Liz and Jack, through their annual trek across The Pennines to holiday in Blackpool. Can recommend this play if it comes your way.

The actors were fabulous. I'm always in awe when a play is performed by just two people who manage to entertain us all with their different characters and remembering all the script!

Well thanks for popping by after I had deserted you. Hope you have a good week - I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the film Lady in the van by Alan Bennett later on this week.

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