Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Blessings and Puzzles

Now I have to come clean and say I am a bit of a baby when it comes to going to the dentist. I don't think I'm alone feeling this way, but I can probably say that not many people travel two hours up the M1, to Leeds, to go to their dentist! Last Saturday it was my usual 6 monthly check up and as per usual I had spent some hours dreading the visit. I can't tell you what a relief it is when he says they are all ok and just a clean is needed. Phew. Afterwards came the pleasure of visiting my grandchildren - the twins. I know it was only a few weeks ago I saw them but it was lovely to see them again.

Karis here with her favourite teddy - Winnie the Pooh. They have to leave the teddy at home incase it ever got lost.

For Sophie it is Eeyore. She makes us laugh - the way she carries him around in her mouth so that she can carry on playing.

It was such a lovely day that we went off to Kirkstall Abbey. First of all for a play in the park.

Roundabouts are their favourite.

Time for lunch in the cafe attached to the museum - can recommend the food.

Golly today I found the girls hard to tell apart. Just when I think I have them sorted they grow a bit more - just to confuse me! But they are just adorable - I couldn't resist showing you these pictures. I guess all grandparents feel the same way - their grandchildren are the best!

After food it was time to wonder around the Abbey ruins.

Well we tried to walk to the ruins but the girlies had other ideas and headed back towards the road. They wanted to play with these leaves.

They both love flowers and have reached the stage where they don't just pull them off the stems but just touch them gently. Golly with these two pictures I only know they are different girls because of the hair slide!

I think they look cute from behind as they run away together.

Cuddle time with grandma, as their little legs get tired after all the walking and running.

What a blessing Saturday was.

In the crafting life of mine I have spent ages knitting this shawl.

Here it is pinned out to stretch it.

Sorry the colour has not come out well in these pictures. It is a pale green with small beads dangling from the edge. It was hard to knit the lacy part and there was much puzzling and screwing of my face as I worked out the pattern. But this week has also seen me puzzled again as I tried to make a new dress with a new pattern. Now I know because I have read other peoples blogs etc and they all say how easy the dress was to make and how easy the instructions were. I have to be honest and say I struggled - I guess because I am a novice. I also noticed lots of other people made the sleeveless dress and I wanted this dress more for the winter, so included sleeves.

I was rather confused as to how the heck I was going to attach this sleeve to a side panel but eventually after a nights sleep I got it. But then I had other problems and had to phone an older lady to get her help. I was very pleased to hear her say that the instructions were not the easiest to follow, especially for a beginner. So after she put me right I then went onto complete the dress.

I made it in some cheaper fabric, as I didn't want to make a mess with some really lovely fabric I have previously bought in Wales for this project. Picture does not show how it has side panels which have a pocket inbuilt. Oh I hate having my photo taken - should have straightened the dress before hubby took the picture - oh well you get the idea.

This is the pattern by Anna Maria Horner called "Painted Portrait Blouse and Dress". I have the next fabric for this dress cut out and the edges oversewn. Can't wait to get it started and finished. Trouble is I do have to go to work and still do housework!  Never mind. Wll thanks for popping by - have a good week.

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