Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Miraculous Wales - Last Part.

Well come what may  I have to finish this holiday off - it's driving me mad!

Early morning play time - so lovely to see them slowly starting to play with each other.

Early morning bike ride. So lovely to see the mist coming off the lake.

It was such a treat but then I noticed it was soo cold that there was frost in the fields! Now why was I so concerned about that? Well this was the morning we had put aside to go swimming in the lake!!!! It was my oldest daughters idea but unfortunately she could not come as she had a temperature and felt rather unwell. So the task was left to fulfill with my other daughter and myself. We hired wetsuits and a few of the family came to watch. The dreaded moment arrived when their cameras were poised to take pictures of us getting into the lake. So my younger daughter and I held hands, had a count down and jumped into the lake!!!!!!!!

I think we were very brave. It was very strange trying to swim in a wetsuit. It was great from the point of view of not feeling so cold but the liberty one feels, as a larger person, when swimming disappeared. I later on discovered that the wetsuit is designed for people swimming front crawl and not breast stroke. Of course I swim breast stroke. So I ended up recreating my swimming stroke! It was lovely to be in the water in such an amazing setting - Snowdon in the distance.

We had a trip to Bangor Pier. It very much felt as if we had stepped back in time. A lovely old pier.

Of course  we had to take a picture of the longest named Welsh town.  Below being the pronunciation.

Final pictures of the grandchildren.

Why a miracle? Well we went to Wales in October and it did not rain! That is a miracle!

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