Monday, 5 October 2015

Calm Before The Storm

This last week has been one of those kind of mundane weeks with not much to tell you all about. It started with last Monday and our neighbours opposite having lights shining on their home.

One of the great things about living in Leicester is being privileged to see other traditions from other cultures. These type of lights usually signify a forthcoming wedding. Saturday was the wedding and the bride kindly agreed to me taking a photograph. She looks amazing.

Every now and then I let the chickens have a roam across the whole of the garden. This time they got very interested with the back door. I wonder if I had left the door open whether they would have come indoors. I was not going to let that happen because for those of you who do not keep chickens will not be aware of chickens' incontinence!

They seemed to be pecking at the bits on my floor - shame I couldn't let them in to clean the floor!

It was a lovely autumnal afternoon so Mr P and I went for a walk along Foxton Locks.

The light to me seemed just magical.

As we were walking we realised that when we retire to Northumberland there will be no canals. But we will have the sea and the Cheviots! Oh and the River Tweed!

I am so grateful that we have canals - they are such wonderful places to walk by. For us we find that taking a walk gives us time to catch up on news, share things that are concerning us both. We perhaps do not resolve all our worries but it does give us space to think.

Back to bulrushes - one of my favourites.

OK another quiz question...... what is so strange about this boat?

Any idea?

Back in the crafting world I am still busy knitting a shawl. I have nearly finished. I was hoping that I would have finished it by the weekend but I had to stop knitting. Some years ago I got a knitting related injury which required physio!!!!!!!!!!   Yes I know who would think knitting is a dangerous hobby! But what happened was that I had spent one summer holiday knitting everyday and as a consequence my right shoulder dropped! Now I try to be careful and if I start to feel some of the old symptoms returning - I stop and go onto crochet or sewing. Decided I would show you my shawl once it has finished and been blocked. Below is another granny square blanket in the making. Love these colours.

Whilst I may have been having a very ordinary week I know four people who were having a very special weekend - the birth of their first child.

Jacob was born on Saturday and this next, girl, born Monday morning.

Congratulations to them all.

Well you've probably been wondering why my title? Or maybe not because you've forgotten the title as I've rabbitted on soooo mcuh. This coming weekend Mr P and I are away in Wales for the week with the WHOLE family! Grandchildren, dog etc etc. We have hired a large house to share and it should be great fun, probably hard work with toddlers around but rewarding. Looking forward to being a granny for a whole week. Promise you more baby pictures next week.

Bye for now, have a good week. Thanks for popping by. Oh have you got the answer to my boat question? You can always leave me a comment.

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