Monday, 28 September 2015

Weekend To Ourselves - Pick and Mix

Wow this weekend gone was just Mr P and myself! That's a first for a while.
It started with Friday night heading out to the fish and chip shop - Grimsby Fisheries.   

I cannot remember when we last had fish and chips - probably years ago. We didn't get there till 7.30pm but still there were two huge queues. I opted for the mini cod and chips!

Saturday was beautiful and after I'd done the food shopping we headed out into Lincolnshire to start a new walk. Mr P has found a new canal for us to walk along - Grantham Canal which goes through to Nottingham. We did a small part of it. Currently the canal is being restored.

The sun was shining - great day for a walk.

Stopped and had a drink at this bench. Guess someone kindly made it for all to enjoy - thank you.

Apart from the English being poor - can you spot the error?

Spotted this place and my brain went into overdrive trying to conjure up what this place is used for -
secret undercover stuff - MI5?   No - later discovered it's a place that stores fuel in case of a shortage during the war! No James Bond then!

I love bulrushes and we saw masses of them.

Then along the canal side we found this sign - nom nom! Checked our watches - yes we had time to make it to this village. Amazing how much quicker one can walk when there is a threat of missing out on cake!

The church in sight!

Coffee and walnut cake - mmmmmmmm yummy! So much better when you've been walking.

Then back home for a new recipe from Jamie Oliver.

 The next morning I tried making some blueberry pancakes - another of his recipes. Spent the rest of the day enjoying knitting and crocheting, well was not totally idle I did go swimming, did two lots of washing and cooking etc.

Sunday also being Mr P's workday! He has a new village church to look after as well as the rest of the stuff he does. Well as part of a children's talk he lopped a branch off our apple tree. Now this ended up being very useful as he discovered that the tree is a Bramley apple. But more importantly the reason we don't seem to be getting anywhere in trying to reduce its size is apparently because when  the tree has some of its branches cut it then sees it as a challenge to grow back again and get even larger!

I think the tree is aiming for our bedroom window! Talking of bedrooms I decided to buy a new quilt cover - just felt like a change.

Woke up this morning and as I opened my eyes they were a bit bemused by the busyness of the pattern!

Final picture is of our neighbour's home. I'm presuming they are preparing for a wedding. The lights are so pretty.

Well that's the end of my ramblings. Have a good week. Speak to you all next week.

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