Monday, 14 September 2015

Nice Murder Knitter Is Back!

Golly it feels like I've been away forever from Blog Land. Can't believe it was only three weeks ago I was beginning my two week holiday in France.

Farewell Dover - hello Calais. Have to admit to being rather nervous as to whether we would incur any problems travelling but there were no hitches. Even the sea was calm. 

Spent the first night in Albert and got up to torrential rain. Fortunately by the time we had spent the day driving south to the Dordogne Valley we saw the end of the rain. Just some problems with really strong wind which saw another part of our car decor decide to remove itself! Our car is wonderful except the trims - they have a will of their own! But we did observe other Citroen C4s' with similar problems. Now the plan was to spend one week in Dordogne and then move over to the coast but this never happened. We had such a great time discovering the Dordogne and Lot Valleys.

Breakfast is Mr P's favourite meal whilst on holiday - coffee, croissant, baguette with nutella or jam, along with yogurts and fruit juice. This is the only time I eat nutella - isn't it strange how we do things so differently on hols.

This was the view from Beynac. Note the many canoes - popular activity to hire one for the day.

Our days took on a familiar pattern of going out in the mornings and then coming back mid afternoon to laze by the pool. Here is Mr P trying to complete another Times cryptic crossword. I occasionally can guess one word - I have no idea how he does them. His brain is wired up differently from my nut sized one!

Just look at all my bags! Mr P fell about laughing at the size of my wool bag. Well I've started a new crochet project and it requires ALL this wool. I was hoping that I would be able to take just a few colours out each day, but no it doesn't quite work out like that. So I did end up buying some washing pegs and attaching smaller quantites to the pegs instead of carrying that huge bag! I am crocheting Attic 24 Harmony Blanket. Also in another bag is a knitting project. ANOTHER shawl - girl just can't have enough! But this project has a rather intricate lacy edging which requires me to use my brain so it was good to have both projects on the go - Monarch Butterfly Shawl.

Days were filled with delicious coffees.

Visit to Padirac Cave. This was probably the highlight of the holiday.

Delicious food.

Having time to be together, just talking under the night sky, with the owl for company - oh and the red wine!

Visiting numerous beautiful old villages.

Stopping to admire the sunflowers.

Mooching around Castelnaud. Had the most amazing arranges of armoury.

As we are driving we came across this lovely walk, along a valley to Chatea des Anglais, which overlooks the beautiful village of Autoire.

Now my children would have been very proud of us as we found in the ruins of the chateau a geocache.

We added a business card and some English money. There was not much in this box!

Enjoying wild figs.

Spotting gorgeous butterflies - swallowtail.

Ducks and geese were a common sight as we were driving around. Don't like to say this, especially when one of the few words my grandchildren can say is "duck" - we ate quite a few too! Have to be honest and say I couldn't bring myself to eat Pate de foie gras

The other product that is grown in an abundance walnuts. Golly we didn't appreciate that there are sooo many different varieties.

We had a wonderful two weeks. Enjoying the exploring, time together, relaxing etc and finally on the last night I got some mussels! As we were then by the coast, ready to catch the morning ferry from St Malo.

Thank you for popping by - hopefully I haven't bored you too much. I have to say I took over a thousand pictures!

Speak to you all next week - warning it will be covered in baby pictures! As we have all four grandchildren coming to stay for the weekend.

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