Saturday, 22 August 2015

Blog En Vacances

Hiya All, Just to let you know that Mr P and I are off on our travels with our amazing boiing tent. The car is almost packed and with a bit of luck there will be space left for us two! Golly my wool took up a large space! Good job I have a lovely hubby.

Really been enjoying Great British Bake Off 2015. A group of youngsters have been joining me on a Wednesday night to watch the programme and we have had great fun in trying to recreate some of the food that the competitors have been trying to make. First week was madeira cake. Perhaps this was not quite what we all had in mind............

The girl that made this had just tried to bake the gateaux minutes before the programme started - decided to still carry on and ice and cream it whilst still warm. Needless to say it started to slip around as the heat melted the fillings. It might have looked a mess but tasted scrumptious.

Here's my madeira cake! Bit boring in comparison! Next week was biscuits and we all tried to give them a  go.,

Now this week was bread! Mmmmm this takes a lot longer to make and so some of us opted for a cheeky way out.

My daughter and grandson, Rowan, opted for banana loaf.

This was a very similar tactic to mine own - tea loaf!

Next week is puddings - golly I shall miss not seeing this episode but I guess I will not be feeling this way whilst lying on the beach!

Of course going away means cleaning up and shifting muck out of the hen house. Today I decided to treat the girlies and let them run around the whole of the garden. They had great fun pecking their way through this pile of recently mown grass clippings.

Then later on I found them in the herb bed!

Trouble with the girlies is they will  not let me easily take a picture as as soon as they see me they think I am going to give them food and they come running towards me.

Well I fear it is time for me to say good night and I shall be back in a few weeks. Bye!

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