Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Whirlwind Weekend - Warning Long Post!

This weekend I had the wonderful privilege of sharing it with my daughter from Northern Ireland. It started with a trip to the NEC Quilt Show - three of us Mrs A, daughter and myself.

Studying the map and where we want to go.

So many quilts to see.

So many different styles.

So much shopping to be done.

 This is a quilt from Mexico. As you look at it closer you can begin to see some of the amazing details.

Some of the quilts were just soooo amazing that it was hard to believe that they had been sewn.

From the sublime to the ridiculous  well this had us all thinking about chips for tea!

Bit of name dropping - Kaffe Fassett.

Here is Mrs' A's buys.

Here is my daughters buys after the weekend.

Here is mine.

Next was Upton House. Now Mr P and I have been here before but we decided this would be a great place to go with our daughter. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

This was the view as we ate our picnic. Then we dangled our feet in the swimming pool to cool down.

The house was great to let us all paddle - big thank you to the staff for letting us do this.

Me trying to look cool!

 It seemed like almost reluctantly we went into the house - so much enjoying the sunshine, such a rarety!

House was set up as it was during the war  when the owner transferred his staff from his London bank to work in the safety of his home.

I don't know who this man was but he was brilliant - he made us laugh so many times. Here he is pretending to speak to Winston Churchill and demanding more bomber planes. He made our afternoon even better. If you know him then please say thank you and we think he is great.

Back outside in the garden were masses of butterflies. Here is a peacock, on the left, and a coma on the right.

Time for a cuppa and a trip back home.

Next was a trip to the Toft Alpaca Farm and Woolshop.

I didn't realise they came in so many different colours.

Then big decisions to buy or not to buy?

Of course I did! Next in this whirlwind weekend was a trip to Blisworth Canal Festival

Then we spotted Rosie and Jim

I think we'd all agree with this sign!

We all had an amazing weekend - non stop but great fun. Hope you all had a lovely time enjoying the sunshine. See you all next week.

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