Monday, 26 October 2015

Miraculous Wales - Part Three

Well the next day Mr P and I decided it should just be the two of us, but before we went out it was time to have fun with the grandchildren.

Not sure what Rowan had found sooo amusing!

The girlies are so funny they blink before the camera even flashes! Now whilst we went out the girlies had some time with their cousins on the beach.

They are soooo cute at this age. They have the whole world to explore - everything is sooo fascinating for them.

Mr P and I enjoyed the sunshine along Anglesey at Cable Bay and then we ended up at Oyster Catcher for some potato wedges.

We had a lovely time together just chatting, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

Day five was another trip this time especially for us girlies to a craft shop!!!!!!!!!!!!  Copperfield crafts, on Anglesey, but this time on the other end of the island very near to Holyhead. It was a wonderful shop and I bought some divine fabric to make a dress.

Thank you to the men who looked after the children in order for us to be able to mooch around this most amazing shop! Golly it was fantastic and if you are ever on Anglesey then this is a must on your itinerary. This was outside their other shop next door.

Afterwards we headed up onto Holy Island to South Stack.

This was then followed by some lunch. Ayla feeling a lot better than she had been - enjoying her sausages!

A trip to a local beach.

Rowan modelling the latest gear! His dad's jumper, held up with his mum's hair bobble! His own clothes got wet with a big wave!

The end of another beautiful day in Wales.

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