Saturday, 19 October 2013

East,West, Home Is Best

Two to three times a year we try to meet up with two sets of friends in Coventry. This year for various different reasons it just has not happened. Last night was the first time we had in the diary to meet up. But when Mr P came home from work it was obvious that he had "man flu" - that deadly disease! We debated whether or not to go, he had a bath, watched some Judge Judy and took some paracetamol - then decided "lets go". So off we went. As we get on to the M69 there is a sign saying it'll be closed when we come back! Aaaargh!

Then we pull up at our friends home to observe their car is not on the drive way? Eeeek! But do not fret the man of the house was in but his wife's shift(she's a district nurse) had gone on longer and she would be with us all in the next hour. Then 10 minutes later our other friends arrive and he is not too well either! When the hostess arrived home I think she felt as if she was still at work with the ailing guests!

As we usually do on these occasions we order a take away. Normally we have an Indian take away and Mr P pops into the Chinese as he's not keen  on curries. This time the host suggests we try a different take away that he has used before. So after what always takes ages for us all to choose our food because as per usual we are chatting and catching up with news - the order was placed.

Half an hour later a wonderful aroma fills the room and we busily tuck in to the food - trying to decipher which dish is what curry? So with some food on my plate, my taste buds eagerly awaiting the arrival of some divine flavours I open my mouth and put in a mouthful of curry. Urrrrrrrrgh/yuk/horror! I have a mouthful of fat! Disgusting - I had to get it out asap before I threw up. I do not do fat and to make matters worse it was lamb and I do not like lamb either! Used to love lamb, it was my favourite meat but since I did lambing some years ago I cannot eat it. When I was handling the sheep I could always smell lamb - sorry if that sounds daft. Not to worry someone else loved lamb and ate my meat instead.

Never mind I decide to tuck into the rice and there was a little bit of vegetable biriyani left. The biriyani ended up being cooked in the lamb fat! Then having eaten some green beans I then go and eat another bean only to discover it is a large green chilli! Two glasses of water and the tears stop rolling down my face and my mouth finally feels as if the fire has gone out! At this point I lose the will to live with this meal and give up! Have to say this is a first for me not to eat a dinner! Never mind when we got home I had two pieces of wonderful Warburtons thick white bread toasted with delicious lurpak butter.

Mr P meanwhile is looking worse and the good effects of the tablets are fast disappearing and so we make a hasty retreat for home. But of course we have no M69 and so poor Mr P has to drive along country lanes, that he does not know very well, and  try to make our way home. It added 20 minutes to our journey - not what you want when you are feeling crap!

Well should we have gone - it was lovely to have met up with our friends, but it seemed such a short time when there was almost a year of news to catch up on. Hopefully the next time we meet will not be quite so adventurous.

Well off to the shops to stock up on lemsips for Mr P who has now gone back to bed.

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