Sunday, 20 October 2013

Things That Are Making Me Happy At The Moment.

I adore this small plant - No 3 bought me this as a gift when she came a few weekends ago. I do not know what sort of plant it is but I just love it. The leaves are unusual, they remind me of dandelion leaves.

Yesterday dad came and we went for a mooch along our local shops. This is what I found!

A Rohan walking shirt - has clever pockets inserted into the side seam. Found this in a local charity shop for £4 - bargain.  This was the nearest Rohan shirt I could see on their website. I think I got a bargain.

Then I found this M&S limited edition dress. Sorry the photo does not display the colours well - but it is black and quite a bright green. Again for another bargain of £4!

My final £4 charity buy! My eyes lit up when I spied the book across the shop on a stand. I had to barge pass this woman who was obstinately blocking the way to the stand! But I was even more determined to get there! Sadly I cannot see a price for it as it is now out of print, but I am very happy!!!!

I love keeping basil plants on my kitchen window ledge. Sometimes I find it hard to pull the leaves off for cooking! But common sense has to prevail and slowly I attack it until the poor plant becomes bare:(

Further along the ledge is one of my favourite colours - red.

Funny how I like "red" - it seems to be the same colour I like in drinks!

Now this is not my ironing pile.

And this is not a messy pile!

Another clue to me being happy!

Mr P and I are off on our summer holidays tomorrow. We shall be spending two days in London and then returning home to collect the above clothes and then off to..........................................

Whoopeee! We are going there for 1 week, back home and then the next day off to Buckfastleigh for three days! How lucky am I. Hope you have enjoyed seeing and sharing in some of my happy moments. Not sure when my next blog will happen. But I promise to be back soon. Bye for now.


  1. Book WAS a bargain -