Saturday, 2 November 2013

Nice Murder Knitter Is Back - Part One.

Hi All - I'm back from my travels and I could bore you forever with my belated summer holiday. I promise I'll just bore you a little bit as over the last two weeks I have taken around 800 photographs!
The first part of Mr P and my holiday was two days in London. We managed to find the fantastic Hide Hotel in Hendon doing bed and breakfast, free car parking facilities along with just a two minute walk to a tube station. Handy eh?

Sadly the posh car in the picture is not ours:(

Mr P and I went our different ways - he to the British Museum and me to the Victoria and Albert. 

I sooo love to visit here and it is wasn't too long before being in there the lull of the dining area called me.

If you have not been here then it is truly worth visiting, a must as far as I am concerned. I'm not going to bore you about the exhibits, you can look that up on their web page. After here I mooched around and walked up to Harrods. I had forgotten, with years, just how vast this store is, mind you it does not sell knitting wool or crafting fabrics - how shocking!

 Then it was time to meet up with Mr P and he very kindly agreed to walk with me to Liberties.

Of course I had to find their wool department!


Just look at all those rows of yumminess!

There were just masses of fabrics - this photograph is just a minute sample of them.

It is an amazing store, if I had been on my own I would have spent hours in there. But have a lovely patient hubby and do not want to try his patience and so we headed out for a walk in the streets.

I have to admit to feeling rather old walking along Carnaby Street.

The day was finished with a trip around various music shops, good look at the books in Foyles, a meal at a Korean restaurant and a quick late night walk about Covent Garden.

Day two back into London and this time together we visited Tate Modern Art Gallery. Have to admit to not understanding a lot of the very modern stuff, but Mr P seemed to get it whereas I went around looking confused! There were lots of schools visiting the gallery at the same time as us and so I listened to some of their tutors explain the displays and that I found very useful.

We then walked across Millennium Bridge.

The views of London, as we walked across this bridge, were spectacular.

We then found ourselves walking through the area known as Bank. Laughing about where our little bit of money was being stored! Then we passed this fascinating shop

This made me think of Hercule Poirot. Little did I realise that my forthcoming holiday would have a bit of an Agatha Christie theme, but more of this to come in following blogs.

Now my wonderful long suffering hubby agreed to let me visit a wool shop that I have been desperate to visit. It was conveniently situated on the tube line that took us back to the hotel.

Loop is located in Islington and not far from the tube station. It is located in a charming area of small fascinating shops and I left Mr P to wonder. Inside Loop is NOT a disappointment - it is two floors of magic!

I did spend some money and got the wool and pattern to make the above shawl, hanging on the wall. Only difference being is that I have chosen a reddish and brown wools to make this project.

It is probably a good job that I do not live near this shop as we could become bankrupt! Then I found Mr P eating a delicious frozen yoghurt.

Frozen yogurts are served with whatever fruit you would like and 0% fat! Oh I wish we had this shop in Leicester. Well time to make our weary way back to the hotel to collect the car.

Saw this "thought for the day" at the tube station.
 Then how appropriate was this advertisement as we headed down this rather long escalator!

Back home to pack our suitcase ready for an early start the next day - but you'll have to wait for the next adventures!


  1. Those yarns look yummy, think I can hear London calling!

  2. Oh my gosh you have made me desperate to return to London for a short break! I think I would have taken exactly the same route as you, the V&A is amazing and I've longed to visit Loop for years!
    Lovely blog btw, and interesting blog name!?!
    Aqeela xx
    (Qasims wife)