Sunday, 3 November 2013

Part Two - Rhodes.

Having taken sooo many pictures it has been a hard job to decide which ones to share - but here goes.
This part of our holiday was luxurious - nothing like our usual camping holidays! We had paid extra to have a balcony with a sea view but arriving at the reception we were upgraded to a beach view. And these next two pictures are what we could see looking to the left and the right of the balcony.

First day we just relaxed by the pool and sea. Second day we headed to Rhodes Old Town. It is a lovely town and reminded me of our trips to Carcasonne.

This scene reminded me of our time in Marrakesh.

 Seems that most people go around on scooters, but there were some amazing sights of how many people and belongings can be squeezed onto one machine!

The size of this cruiser was just mind boggling!

One of the islands natural products are sponges and they could be found being sold on these boats.

I don't know about you but I'm fed up with seeing the notice "buy one get one free" and this next sign was rather refreshing!

Day two we headed off to Lindos - famous for the Acropolis. Some of which dates back as far as 300BC!

From the top I spotted this bay - which I later on found out is called St Pauls Bay. As soon as I saw it I knew I just had to go for a swim in it.

Saw lots of vegetation growing that we are not able to grow in England - just loved seeing these aubergines.

Now some of the roads on the island leave a lot to be desired. Golly if we thought the UK had some bad roads we have not begun when you compare them with the island! This road we had to use every day and the roots of some of the trees straddled the road. This road is not a one way street!

We went half board and were treated  to the most amazing selection of food. It was just as well we were only there for one week - otherwise we probably would have had difficulty fitting onto the plane and would have needed some new clothes! Every meal we were over whelmed by the choice and it was always displayed beautifully.

I tried the Greek coffee - looks rather like an espresso but has a rather different taste. But every morning the hotel gave the guests the opportunity to make their own Greek coffee.

You put some coffee powder in the brass jug along with some sugar and half fill it with water, give it a stir and then place on a bed of heated sand. As the jug heats up the coffee starts to froth up and once it reaches the top you then pour into an espresso cup.

Well I realise I have gone on somewhat and still have more to say about Rhodes. So I'll shut up now and do another blog on it soon.

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