Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Rhodes - Part Two.

There was only one trouble having your food prepared for you - no excuse to visit the local supermarket! But we did need some water and even Mr P was getting wobbly not entering a shop after days of being on the island. I adore visiting supermarkets in foreign countries. I am intrigued by what is available but I had a little surprise when I peered into the freezer!

We went to visit a place where some rivers meet and saw these fun geese greeting us in the car park.

Some of you may be aware that I have been regularly going swimming since the beginning of this year. Well this played dividends for this holiday. I was able to swim in the sea everyday, but at St Pauls Bay I was able to swim all around the bay and then have confidence to leave the security of the bay and go beyond and explore the coast line. I found myself swimming under the Acropolis. This was one of my highlights of my holiday.

Another highlight was a day we spent travelling around the south of the island. We drove into a tiny village called Kattavia where a man ran  into the road in front of our car and waved us into his cafe car park. How could we say "No"? He was so enthusiastic - I guess not many people go through the village. So we decided we had no choice but to have a coffee - only trouble being we'd just had a coffee five minutes ago! As we sat down his wife set out a tablecloth and presented us with very yummy cakes! They were a lovely couple and as well as feeding us acted as the tourist information board for the village!

From here we drove to Monolithos where we went to visit a ruined castle. The guide book gave it a cursory mention. It was the most amazing place, free of charge, health and safety would go mad and would have us banned from going in! There were sheer drops everywhere, that were blindingly obvious - the views were fantastic and I would love to have a really posh camera to have made the most of what we saw.

Having never stayed in a hotel before for a holiday I kept feeling as if I was in a Agatha Christie novel - sitting in the lobby, knitting and observing people - fortunately there was never a murder!

Having hired a car for the week we ventured out one day over the mountains and found this great Thari Monastery. Seven monks live there and the grounds were so lovely and peaceful.

All around the island we saw many lizards, some were quite large. Trouble was they move rather quick and make it difficult to take a picture.

Also the island has many many olive trees. Mr P does not like them - I think they are sweeeties!
Every meal, even for breakfast, I ate them - yum yummy!

Sadly the island is also famous for its cats. They can be seen in most places, trying to find food.  But I did like this picture of a cat perched hanging over a very high building!

There are not dogs roaming everywhere like cats but I just liked this picture that I took.

Is this the best way to advertise your business?

Just liked this picture - liked the way the cross in the middle was lined up with the water fountain.

More cats!

I said earlier that the holiday has had an Agatha Christie link - well in one of the adventures of Hercule Poirot it was partly filmed at the thermal springs in Kallithea! So we had to go there just to say I'd been!

Well I've probably bored you all like mad with my holiday musings - but we had a wonderful time and there's just one more part to the holiday after this - if you can bear it! But I just must end with this. I know everyone goes on how rubbish airplane food is well I was pleasantly surprised with our dinner. The food had been designed by the chef James Martin and it was really tasteful. Not large but after all that we had eaten it didn't need to be! Only problem is just trying to eat within a small space without knocking your drink over yourself or your neighbour and hopefully not having any turbulence when trying to eat!

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