Monday, 11 November 2013

Firey Weekend!

 Found this gateau in the freezer - it had managed to escape to the top! But just look at the sell by date! Guess it goes to show Mr P and I are not very keen on chocolate gateaus! Needless to say it went in the bin!

The oven has certainly had a FIREY weekend. It is that time of year when I get around to making my Christmas cake. I know if I was a proper housewife it would have been made months ago - left to mature and being fed regularly with brandy. But hey ho better late than never. Dad came round on Saturday and we prepared and baked his. Sunday I baked my cake.

 Then whilst it was baking we headed out to the shops to get some gifts to fill our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  

This is something our church and lots of other organisations such as schools support. It is a lovely way to give, can thoroughly recommend it.

Then back home for our dinner. Thats was when a real FIREY moment occurred. We were sitting eating our dinner when the smoke detector sounded. I don't know about you but ours is aways going off if the kitchen is getting too hot or steamy. So I casually got up to enter the kitchen only to see flames coming from the top of my cooker! My oven gloves were on fire! Sensibly I was able to put them in a bowl of washing up water, and not panic. What I had done was left one of the gas rings on but it was on a very low heat and I had not realised that I had not turned it off. Good to realise that the alarm does work properly!

Later on dad asked to see our holiday photographs and as I was busy showing him I nearly had another FIREY moment. I had lost track of the time and nearly forgot to go out to see MR P playing at his first gig at the Curve Theatre

Was soooo relieved to get there in time - I had planned the whole baking, shopping, eating etc around this gig! So proud of him, they didn't play for very long but were great.

Sunday I had a ta dah moment. I took away some wool(on holiday) that I had not used - lovely alpaca wool and I thought it wasteful that it was sitting in my wool stash. The pattern was rather rubbish and I had to end up making the design up as I went along! Finally finished it yesterday and am pleased with the result.

Shoeboxes and Christmas cakes completed.

Then this morning I had my hopefully final FIREY moment. For some reason I cannot remember Mr P had bought a disposable fire lighter. It's been sitting on the kitchen side for ages and today I thought I know I'll use it to light the grill rather than use a match. But I didn't know how to use it and eventually I got a flame and went to light the gas which had been waiting patiently to be lit! There was a rather large bang as the gas was lit and my fringe, eye lashes and eyebrows were slightly singed!
Well lets hope I can keep out of trouble!

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