Thursday, 7 November 2013

Final Part Of Our Jollies!

DAY ONE in Devon.

After a nights sleep after Rhodes we headed off to South Devon - no itinerary, other than accommodation booked. Having not been to Devon for many many years we started off in Dawlish. As we walked by the river into the town we were reminded of it being famous for its black swans.

This duck looks as if she's been to the hairdressers!

View across the beach looking towards Teignmouth - pronounced "Tinmouth". 

These beach huts just looked great to me - loved their brightly painted doors.

For those of you who have not visited this part of the world will not realise that the trains run close to the coast - which makes a wonderful way to see the shore line.

Keen to make the most of our day and going down memory lane we headed to Teignmouth.

Seagulls everywhere!

Seems that the local council have spent some money making the town more attractive to locals and visitors. Thought this skate/scooter park a great idea.

Then we headed to the pier to the traffic light machines. Mr P spent many an hour on this machine, as a child. No skill required other than hitting a metal marble and according to how many times it hits a side changes the traffic lights. If the marble finishes its journey on a green light then you are rewarded with a packet of sweets! Took me 90 pence before I won a packet of sweets!


Next day we headed into the town of Totnes. Have to say I loved this place. If it wasn't a joint holiday I probably would have spent all day mooching around the small shops. Mr P is not a shopper and we had lots of other things we wanted to do.

Such a delightful town! Well worth a visit if you  are in this area.

The next photo is rather blurry but it was because I was excited! Why - it's only a shoe shop you say! Well I have really really wide feet and finding any shoes to fit my wide and bizarre shaped feet is a nightmare. I end up wearing the same shoes most of the year. So to find a chain of shops selling something for my feet and the shoes also look as if they have been made this century was a real treat. Checked up to find our nearest branch is in Stamford - so that will be a good excuse to go there.

Now I have spent a lot of the Rhodes and Devon holiday keeping my eyes open for any wool/craft shops. Mr P teasing me that they do not have any in Devon. As I am making my way through the high street in Totnes I get excited when I spot this shop - Creative Crafts and Needlework. They do not seem to have a web site but are on facebook. It may not be a large shop but it is a small taste of heaven. Full from top to bottom with everything you could ever want. Needless to say I had to buy a few things - well I had waited a long time!

Time to head to Greenway. 
This is a house owned by the National Trust and was the summer home of one of my favourite authors "Agatha Christie"! I was like a small child giggling and jumping up and down as we made our way down the country path to this estate. The best way to arrive here is probably by boat but being out of season this was not an option for us. But if you do go you need to book online or over the phone a car parking space as they have limited car space.

The gardens drift down to the Dart Estuary where it is renown for being a little warmer here than lots of other places in the UK. I was rather amazed to see wild strawberries still growing and I think these must be lychees.

 Having seen the fruit it was easy to forget that we were actually in November until I saw the holly!

Then came the view I had been so expectantly waiting to see the house!

This house was used to film the recent film Dead Mans Folly. Apparently Agatha Christie did not write any books here but she amended /tweaked them at this residence. This next picture is the view from the house - and what a view it is.


Now part of the film involves a murder in the boat house and this is where they filmed it.


Across the Dart Estuary  you can see the steam coming from the local steam railway line.

 We had a very enjoyable lunch there and after a final picture headed to Brixham. Of course the "Nice Murder Knitter" had to have her picture taken here!

 Seems as though Brixham council have too spent money making the surrounding area enjoyable for all. Around the bay they have created lots of gardens, designed by local groups. I love the way they've made it look as if the window and door are real!

 Of course - I have to take pictures of the boats!

 Along with a love of boats I have a passion for lobster pots - crazy I know!

 Loved this mosaic picture - there were quite a few around the bay, again made by local groups. Maybe this might inspire us all to use those shells we find on the beach and never quite know what to do with them once we get home.


After a heavy down pour we were able to enjoy  Buckfast Abbey - it is a living monastery. The abbey inside is undergoing some repairs and being cleaned - but it is fabulous. It combines the traditional church along with a superb modern chapel/annexe. In there is the most amazing stained glass window. I won't say anymore - you just need to go and see it for yourself!

 Having enjoyed the abbey we were then able to wonder around the peaceful gardens.  I just loved this face. There is also a brilliant bookshop and a place where produce made by the monks here and abroad are sold. We spent quite a few pennies here and could easily have spent more.

 Then - you'll be pleased to know - our final destination Bigbury On Sea. This is somewhere we've never been to but have some good friends from Towcester who used to spend many family holidays here. Even my son (No. 2) went with them once. I can now appreciate why they enjoyed it so much.

 What you are seeing in the above picture is the beach stretching out to Burgh Island. This beach is tidal. To get across to the island when the sea is in they came up with ingenious tractor!

 Mr P was in his element examining the workings.

 But for me this was rather a special place as you'll never guess - another Agatha Christie connection! She wrote about the hotel on the island and based it on two books - Ten Little Niggers and Evil Under The Sun.

 This hotel does look rather dramatic and I can well imagine why she should choose to base two murder novels around it. The hotel is still in use and if you want to you can stay there.

 The day we were there the wind was blowing at 40 mph! I had a job to hold my camera still eough to take any pictures.

Time to say goodbye Burgh Island, as you can see the tide is coming in and the tractor was not operating because of the severe winds. Time also to say goodbye to holidays and head home to Leicestershire.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read my holiday adventures - we had an amazing time and I had not realised just how desperate I was for a holiday/break. I now feel really refreshed and ready to take on life again! Promise next blogs will be no where near so long!

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