Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Manse Mania

It seems rather strange that a large chunk of the year Mr P and I loose each other in our rather large home - then when our family returns home the place becomes somewhat small! It is at this stage that I write this posting. For tonight sees the start of the return of the children. During the next six days we shall be having about 11-13 adults staying, plus three babies and a dog! Virtually every room will have a body sleeping somewhere! So what can I do other than bake masses of cakes!

Baked two large fruit cakes.

One rather disastrous chocolate cake. Not sure what happened to it? But I went to take the cake out of the tin and it was rather crumbly! Then when it had finished cooling I started to lift up one half of the cake to place on a plate and the cake started breaking up! Aaaaargh horror! The top half of the cake managed to stay intact and I hoped by the time the chocolate icing covered it then it wouldn't look too bad. Mmmmmm not sure that plan worked but it should taste alright! Wonder if I've overdone my cake baking brain?

Also in the freezer I've prepared four cottage pies, lots of muesli marvels and fairy cakes to either ice or turn into butterfly cakes.

Also I have made lots of small apple cakes with a cinnamon crumble on top. Never tried this recipe before but needed to use a cookery book up!

I am looking forward to seeing my No 4 child as I have not see him since June, he arrives today. He now has a date for his wedding next November 2014. Then late tonight my No 2 child, wife and twins arrive. Tomorrow I collect my Swiss friend early from Birmingham airport and we are planning on spending a day in Stamford before I throw her into the deep end of babies! During the day No 3, hubby, baby and dog arrive. Friday evening No 1 and hubby fly in from Northern Ireland - hopefully there will be no delays as at the moment they have some snow! Also on Friday No 4's fiancee arrives. Saturday my dad is coming and the fiancee's twin sister! So apologies but as you can see I am going to be rather preoccupied/busy for the next few days. No doubt I will have lots of pictures to show you and adventures to tell you about. Happy weekending.

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