Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Swiss Family Reunion

Wow what a week I have had. My lovely Swiss friend came over to see all the new arrivals. This obviously meant that all my family had to be there! So I had 13 adults sleeping in the house plus three babies and a dog! It was a wonderful time. There were bodies everywhere, baby bits and pieces scattered all over the house. Golly it took me back to when my four were little. I had forgotten how much one small being needs in belongings! Here is Mr P trying to keep the twins quiet with their dummies! They have grown sooo much since I last saw them.

It was great to see my number four child again as I have not seen him since June, on our family holiday. Working at the outdoor pursuit centre in Scotland makes it very difficult for him to get away. So he saw all three babies for the first time too. Here he is trying to pretend that he is not enjoying holding one of his nieces! He's such a lovely softie.

Then I had a lovely surprise - No 4's fiancee has an identical twin sister and she came too for one night. It was great to meet her for the first time. I could see some facial differences but her voice seemed identical to me. It was strange hearing someone else talk like your son's fiancee. She works for a theatre company designing and sewing costumes and they were on tour near to Leicestershire. She will be making her sisters wedding dress. Ooh I've seen a picture of what it may look like and I can't wait to show you but that will not be till November 2014.

Bath time with babies is such a lovely time and here is Rowan enjoying his. He's at that cute cuddly stage.

I think he looks adorable in this outfit. He responds when you talk to him (in that silly baby voice) with lots of smiles and cooing sounds.


OK spot the difference? The only way I can tell the girls apart is one of them has a slightly more pointed ear but whether that will continue to be that shape forever we do not know.

Then there was that awful time when my beloved No 4 had to leave. Just look at the size of this rucksack. Apparently he's often dragging this bag up huge mountains and hills! So proud of him.

Just had to include this picture - don't babies look wonderful when they are asleep!?

6.30pm everyday the twins have their bath. Having twins mean that my son and daughter in law have to be organised in order to survive! The girls love their bath, apparently it's probably their favourite time of the day. I think you can see they are having such fun in the water.

Final baby picture - Rowan eying up the cereals. I think he is desperate to start mixed feeding. In fact during the weekend my daughter started him on some baby rice and he whuffed it down! There was no hesitation or spitting any out of his mouth!

Then the day before our Swiss friend had to return home to her family we went to Chatsworth house. It was a very very cold day but the sun came out and it was great to be outside enjoying the Derbyshire countryside. This is the converted stables! They are huge.

There are some great views and I just love seeing the changing colours of the land.

Started to take a picture of this fountain and then realised if I stood at a certain angle there was a rainbow in the water, as the sun shone on it. I'm sure you scientists would be able to tell me what this is called.

Took me a few minutes to understand why my Swiss friend was studying this holly so intensely. Apparently it does not grow  in Switzerland. So she took some back in her handbag, from our garden, to put on her Christmas pudding!

Such a lovely day. Originally Mr P was going to go to Chatsworth on his own with our friend - then I spoilt it by coming! He wanted to be seen walking around with a gorgeous young Swiss girl, so I promised to walk behind them!

Last time I visited the house they were restoring the gold paint work and it looks fabulous now.

There are some amazing statues, new and old, around the gardens.

Final view of Chatsworth. We went inside the house but my pictures were not very good. Inside they had the theme from one of the Narnia books - Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. It was brilliant and we had great fun dressing up (well not Mr P) he's too sensible! If you are in the area and have children I'm sure they would enjoy the house.

Well I had an amazing six days of family and friends. Think the local supermarket enjoyed my mass spending too! I have not mentioned much about my Northern Irish family in this blog. It was great to see them and they were so funny, helpful, mucking in with washing, cooking, baby feeding etc. Run out of time to tell you how my son in law was involved in some filming as an archer - hopefully I will be able to have some pictures to show you at another time.  Sadly all good things have to come to an end but it is only a few more weeks to go before Christmas and my chicks will be all back again.  :)

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