Monday, 2 December 2013

North Meets South

Saturday Mr P and I travelled UP north to meet No 4's future in-laws. We had a lovely time together. We were shown around the church they are to marry in and then to the venue where the reception will take place. This was very enjoyable but also was hearing the Yorkshire accent again. This then led to some fun with vocabulary - especially when it came to discussing food. It started off with a simple tea cake. Now as far as I am concerned this is a teacake.

It is also a teacake for Mrs In-Law, who comes from Leeds. But for Mr In-Law this is a bread roll, he is from Bradford. Now the next picture is a bread roll to me:-

 Then it gets confusing because where I come from these are "baps", but some Yorkshire folk call them "barncakes" and when we go to Northumberland they become "stotties"!

We then had a discussion about muffins. If I remember right they thought that muffins had to be sweet but of course we also have savoury muffins! By the way "cup cakes" causes problems too as they are "fairy cakes" where I come from and in Yorkshire they are "buns".

Anyway we had a really good time and enjoyed a wonderful home cooked lasagne, and a gorgeous crumble - am I making you hungry?

Whilst we were out looking at the venues there was a fantastic sky - I've called them the Northern Lights!

Sunday - first day in December and local to our church the street was closed for a street fayre. It was so lovely to see so many having a great time.

Lots of wonderful stalls.

The wool shop has a new seasonal yarn bombing post! Saw many children going and hugging the post!

This crochet shawl rather delicious!

Back at home I had changed the Easter tree into an advent tree for Mr P - but look what he got me!

Isn't it soooooo sweet! Best advent calendar I have ever had in my whole life! It took me 20 minutes to put together! Even from behind it is good.

Yesterday afternoon/evening I was busy making something for No 2 and wife for Christmas. I spent about eight and a half hours sewing - my eyes were out on stalks by the time 10pm arrived. So I put down my needles and downed a glass of wine! Can't show you but I am proud of what I've made. Just got to do a few more embellishments and it is finished. Really getting into the festive spirit now. Ho ho ho - Santa is on his way!

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