Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cooking Book Madness

OK here goes - I have been going mad trying to get through as many books as is physically possible. And these books have all been achieved in the last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My poor hubby never knows what is going to come out of the doors - I think he's probably longing for fish fingers and chips!

Apologies for poor quality pictures - but I was multi tasking as I took them (talking to my dad on the phone!)

Now I really have not liked this book, it came from my mum. I have picked it up many times to try and do something from it for this challenge. This book is definitely going to be given away for anyone who wants it!

Eventually I managed to find this recipe using pasta.

This book does not deserve to be left till near the end. There are some great recipes. Many years ago I used to spend Saturday afternoon cooking and preparing a dinner for my hubby whilst he was out refereeing a  football match.

This dish was much loved by my family. I had forgotten how much we enjoyed this crunchy lemony chicken.

Confession - I have never ever used this book before! Also as I have been baking sooo much we have not even tried to eat this cake yet! Note the ingredients are in imperial measurements!

When we had children at home I regularly baked bread in my machine, but since it's been just the two of us - the machine has been on holiday. So out it has come to help with the challenge!

With lots of rosemary growing in the garden - this seemed a good one to choose. Did smell lovely as it was baking.

This is a small wee book that I picked up in a charity shop but I find it rather useful.

 This was a rather yummy dinner I prepared for Saturday before the choir concert.

It seemed such a shame that I used this book when my son and daughter-in-law from Leeds were not around. They are chocolate mad and would have really appreciated the pud that I made.

Golly it was very simple to prepare! Used a huge bar of toblerone!

One of my mom's books and used it for the first time.

It was a rather bizarre cake and not one I shall cook again. this book is up for grabs if anyone wants it.

This book was bought in order to loose weight - sadly that has not happened!

Has some good recipes, again another book that I should use more often.

So sorry to hear Nigella has been making the news - she's a brilliant cook and I love her recipes. I hope all gets sorted out and that she carries on creating wonderful food.

I love this book - think it's because I have a yearning to have a holiday there and when I look at the pictures it reminds me of what I want to see.

This rich meat sauce is delicious and has to spend hours bubbling away - leaving the house to smell enticing.

Not sure how I acquired this book but it is going bye as I'm not really that excited about using it.

This is a great book to pick up and read and admire the photography.

Great recipes and "no" it will not be leaving my book shelf.

I bought this book because of the price.  Mmmm well whilst I usually like Jamie Oliver - this book I have struggled to use. Lots of rather difficult recipes to use in everyday life. So after some talks with my number one daughter she recommended I tried the following recipe as it is one of her favourite. She was right it is a good one.

Again I am not sure where this book came from and I am not sure if it is staying on my shelf.

Had hopes of using this book more, but I guess being married to someone who does not like Indian food does not help.

Whilst I enjoy watching Hugh on television I do not seem to use his books much - maybe it's to do with the layout.

But the following soup was rather delicious, rich and velvety.

Loads of recipes in this paperback - sadly no pictures. But it's great when you've got some ingredients and trying to find a soup to make with them.

Made loads of carrot soups, but I've never added orange before. Was good though.

As you are finding out Hugh has been left till near the end. But I am oh so glad that I found this banana cake recipe. It is the best one I have ever ever made. Mr P demolished it very quickly.

I think I got this book from a book club. Sadly it will be up for grabs because I am not going to really use because of Mr P.

This next recipe is very simple to construct but very yummy.

Dad got me this book for Christmas - as if I didn't have enough books!

Golly doesn't St Delia look sooo young!  This book has been well used.

I've lost count how many fruit cakes I have made recently!

Well it must be time to have the counting - how many more books have I to do...... Lets have a drum roll please...............

116 books used. 11 books to go. 20 days to go to the end of the challenge.

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