Sunday, 22 December 2013

"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas"

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go.

But before I start showing you my Christmas - I must show you what one lady has made her daughter for Christmas. She has crocheted around 2000 squares!

It took four ladies to hold this blanket up! I just love the red that has been use to put these squares together - WELL DONE Mrs J.

I managed a sneaky cuddle with baby Rowan this week as his mummy and daddy paid a flying visit.

Now time for Christmas in my home. So many things to show you and so many memories.

Mistletoe up and the wreath I made out of some bits I got for free from the farm I went to get the tree from.

Some years ago Primark were selling off some decorations and I bought about three different variations of this theme - but I like him!

Cards are up, but I think we have a lot less this year. Not surprising with the cost of postage.

Decoration I made last year.

I love baskets and I love getting these huge cones out and my cranberry balls ( the one in the middle I had from a wedding in Switzerland, many years ago).

Tree bunting made by No 3, mad angel I made last year and the cross stitch picture was done back in the 1980/90's.

Finally a real tree is up and after two lots of lights we succeeded!

Below a decoration No 1 made last year.

Now for some of my favourite Christmas tree decorations.

This glass sphere reminds me of the time when life in Yorkshire was very difficult and Mr P was spending three months working at M & S. This was one of the decorations he bought at that time.

Our local hospice  Loros sold these cute nativity figures a couple of years ago. I think they are great and I wish they would do some more. But anyway there are a few of them and they take up pole position on my tree.

Love this tree made out of bark.

No 4 bought me this from the Leeds Christmas market many years ago. I love getting it out of its box and the lovely memories it brings back.

My dad seems to be buying a new decoration each year and this was the recent one. The tree almost looks real.

Below my lovely nativity scene made by my Swiss friend's mum.

Something again I made back in the 80's or 90's!

Not many windows left to open. Note I have been given a chocolate santa and snowman to eat, but I can't bear to do this yet!

Not many parcels left for Mr P to open.

True sign of Christmas - large bowl of clementines, Christmas music lying around and Saint Delia close by!

Of course not far behind is St Nigella - her rocky road cake! I know this will all be eaten - so yummy. A true sign that Christmas is on its way.

Finally my whacky cake! I'm rubbish at decorating cakes - so no apologies but my family are getting the usual snow scene! I love the washing line - I'm just a big kid really!

Time to leave you all to your preparations. PS it's easier to do your jobs with Christmas music blaring out!

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