Thursday, 26 December 2013

2013 Challenge

Before I start I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas and a Great New Year.

Ok last blogging statistics were:

118 books used. 9 books to go. 20 days to go to the end of the challenge. 

This is a lovely huge sized book. Shamefully I have not really looked at it or used it before. I got it from a charity shop in Berwick. But I do know it will be coming off the shelf again and will not be neglected.

I love salmon and had a couple of pieces in the freezer - so this seemed a lovely way to use this book.

119 books used. 8 books to go.

I reckon I must have bought this book thinking it was a vegetarian cookbook, because it was not until I photographed it did it dawn on me that the title is "vegan" not "vegetarian"!

The carrot dip was rather nice, easy to prepare and came in very handy for me to share at our craft group Christmas bring and share supper. Also Mr P had to take some food out that night and he was able to take some - not that he ate any of it! Too many ingredients he does not like.
 120 books used. 7 books to go.

Think I got this book at work one day from one of those book clubs that come and leave a selection for you to peruse over when you have nothing to do. Then you go all week at the knees and succumb to a book!

What I like about this book is the way it stands up all on its own!

                                                121 books used. 6 books to go.

Just love the lay out of this book - sooooo attractive.

This recipe was a lovely alternative to using potatoes or rice etc.
                                               122 books used. 5 books to go.

Not sure when this book arrived on my shelf!
                                        123 books used. 4 books to go.

Love the way inside this book they have colour coded the recipes - has a green coloured food, brown coloured food etc. It explains all the health benefits to eating this range of food. Have used this book a few times. It came from a charity shop but I think rather deserves to be more readily available on the high street.

Now I decided on this recipe  for the craft group and they looked very unsure about eating frozen grapes but I think they were rather successful and shall be making them again tonight. They ALL got eaten.

                                       124 books used. 3 books to go.


Had to save this book for December for obvious reasons. Mr P bought it me as a Christmas presie last year - so this was the first time I could appropriately use it.

 Rather strange this year having just four of us for Christmas day and not masses(they are arriving Boxing Day). So what do I cook  before I do my big big Christmas dinner - then I saw a frozen goose in Aldi. Never eaten goose before and nor had the rest of us. So goose it was! With all the suggested trimmings. Mr P preferred the stuffing balls to the goose - have to say I was not far behind him.

                                                   125 books used. 2 books to go.

All hail St Nigella.

This book is truly amazing I have cooked soooooooo many recipes from here I couldn't possibly show you them all. But do not hesitate BUY this book - it is brilliant.

Also she has a timetable for cooking your Christmas dinner which is fantastic and works well. Also she says you need a glass of wine at one point which I think is compulsory to follow her guidelines to the "T"!
I love this cake but it has taken quite a few attempts to get it right and this is served with a rhubarb compote! So yummy.

 We now have a tradition of eating these on Christmas morning.

These too are a Christmas family favourite.

                                                  126 books used. 1 book to go.

Well have to say there is a good reason why this book got used last! I didn't know what to do from it! It has become so dated and just not the way I cook anymore. Years gone by when the children were small and time was at a premium I would use it. Especially using the microwave version of steamed puddings but now with just the two of us I have more time. So this book is being dismissed.

Eventually I found this recipe and persuaded Mr P that he would like a drinking chocolate - as I do not like milky drinks. He was very good and agreed.

I even managed to drag out a mug from the back of the cupboard - that maybe as old as the book!

                                               127 books used. 0 books to go!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I have managed to accomplish my challenge - have to be honest and doubted at one time I was ever going to achieve it BUT I have to thank my very patient husband.

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