Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Cookery Book Challenge Update

Oh my I cannot believe that the last time I wrote about this it was on 21.09.13! There's probably some of you wondering what the heck I'm on about. Well I own lots of cookery books and I challenged myself to use one recipe from each book in one year. Well I'm very eager to see how well I am doing with this challenge. It's a mystery to me as well as you. So here goes the books I have been using since September.

Now that our children have grown up this book does not get used any more. Maybe it will get used again when the grandchildren get old enough to want a birthday cake. Mr P makes the birthday cakes.

So not having small children and wanting to use the book for the challenge I followed the fruit cake recipe.

This is a rather yummy simple dinner.

Golly I was 11 years old when I had this book as a Christmas present. It did originally have a spiral coil holding it together but over the years that has fallen off and the pages are now loose. But it is rather a lovely book still to have and nice easy pictures to follow! Think even Mrs A  might be able to use this book! 

Made these pyramids for the craft group, as one lady has to have gluten free products, and this was an easy option.

Now this book is not Mr P's favourite! There's no meat! So had to cook something that almost looked meaty!

I've always liked this book but find I rarely use it. Think this is because of the order and hardly any photographs. Guess I'm a sucker for pictures - like to know what it's supposed to look like!

The title to this book, in my opinion, is rather misleading. The recipes are anything but simple - NOT a book for Mrs A!

Chose this recipe because I love marzipan and so does my dad - so seemed an ideal pud. It did not disappoint.

This book is my very first hand written recipe book.  The following recipe I have made many many times for the children - so simple to make - guess someone else I know could make it!

As I was flicking through the book I found this page with recipes that my No 1 child bought home when she was at primary school and the reading scheme was a series with Jennifer Yellowhat etc! Ah it takes me back. To think she is now ...... years old! Where have the years gone.

On the very first page I copied a recipe from one of moms books. Got a little emotional as I found she had written in this book, on later pages.

Now this book came after I must have made poor mom and dad drink lots of extra milk!

I really like this book, even though there are no pictures. But the recipes make up for it.

As Mr P does not like spicy food I had to cook this for myself and eat it for a few days!

Mom and dad found this book on a market stall and got it because of its title (Mr P being a minister). Have to say sadly I'm not very impressed with the book and struggled to find anything to cook from it.

If you could see this book then you would realise how much I have used it. Again no pictures, but a very practical, no fuss cook book.

This was my mom's book. So when there was a glut of blackberries and apples growing in the garden then this seemed the best time to use this book. I think it is the sort of book I will use more when I retire.

Well it's Jamie Oliver and I don't think he ever produces a rubbish book. The first time I ever tasted the following recipe it was made from a very good cook, in Leeds. Sadly the lady who has her leg in plaster. I so loved this pudding that I bought the book and it became my No 4 son's favourite pudding.

Sadly never seem to find or afford the sweet wine to accompany it!

I must be a Jamie fan - think I must have similar taste buds!

Have made this recipe several times and then discovered that No 2 son uses this recipe too.

Of course here is St Delia and Christmas approaching I turn to her ever faithful Christmas cake recipe.

Final book for this blog. Had it some years and it is rather similar to one mom had many years ago.

As I have just made this cake I actually have a picture to show you - Mr P not home yet!

Oh lets have a drum roll as we discover where I am on the achievement chart................................

 94 books used. 33 books to go. 48 days to go to the end of the challenge.  

Mmmmmmm think I have some work to do! It's getting harder as the books that are left are ones that I do not often use! Will I make this challenge? What do you think?


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