Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy Birthday Readers

This should more factually read " Happy Belated Birthday -  Readers".

31st March 2012 I first started blogging and I can hardly believe a year has gone by, in fact I almost missed it completly. I have so enjoyed this process of writing, recording memories and taking photographs. Looking back to this time last year it was lovely and warm and we were about to celebrate Easter. I am so excited about what the next year will bring about. Probably going to bore you with more recipes, more crafting projects and grandchildren. Thank you for being faithful readers and I will try my best to keep on blogging without being boring.

I think the postman knew it was our birthday and look what has been left - ooh!

Do you want a peep inside?

I've never had a package with so much wool in before.

Don't they look wonderful, oh and they feel all soft and gentle and yumminess.


Love Nice Murder Knitter  xxxxxx  :)  :)

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  1. How exciting the parcel came and on your ist birthday...has it really been that long.....there is no stopping you now...baby blankies galore!