Sunday, 14 April 2013

Challenge, Granny and Knitting Progress

Golly I seem to have got through a few recipes this weekend - almost forgot some until I found them on my camera!

Friday night came from this pasta book.

Nice easy book to use and what I like is nice pictures so you have an idea what your cooking should look like!

Was time for a meatball dish - can't go wrong with this sort of food.

We had it with tagliatelle - not the most appetising of photographs, but it tasted better than it looks here.

Saturday a trip to Market Harborough help me to add a couple of small items to my baby basket collection.

Whilst Mr P was as the villa watching a football match I cooked a tagine recipe. Only trouble I had was that I was too scared to have the heat on too high and after 2 hours of cooking the meat was far from tender, so I gave it a quick bash in the pressure cooker which meant I lost some of the sauce. Soo much meat - this was certainly a man's dish.

I love my tagine, love the colours and the wonderful shape. I should have had more confidence in the difuser I used to put on top of the hob, under the tagine.

This is a lovely book to look at and the lady who has all those masses of cook books has this book too. Therefore it must be a good book.

I think mine looked quite a lot like the picture.

Pudding was also designed to please Mr P.

Recipe came from this book. But as I made it especially the butterscotch sauce I felt as if I should be ordering the ambulance.

The sauce consisted of butter, muscavado sugar, demerara sugar, golden syrup and double cream!

Sunday was more of a dinner chosen for me but with a little extra to keep the hubby happy.

As I read the recipe I knew I would like this one with all those wonderful peppers etc.

Don't they look so pretty and the smell was divine. Think I overdid the herbs on top of the chicken, but it didn't taste that way.

The empty space on the plate was where I added something for Mr P - French Fries. In fact the crunchiness of them added a good texture to the recipe and shamefully I really enjoyed them too.

This is the book used, it's only a small book but it is such a good book and I have cooked many recipes from it. Think I got it from a charity shop in Berwick - glad I got it.

And finally and update on the knitting for the babies blankies. I found I couldn't knit all weekend as it was setting off my carpel tunnel syndrome, so I had to have frequent breaks and do some cross stitch instead. So a little disappointed that it didn't grow as much as I had hoped for.

It is now twenty five and a half inches long. Think it needs to be about thirty inches long if it is to fit inside a pram or buggy etc.

41 books used. 86 books to go. 260 days to go to the end of the challenge.

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